In an increasingly connected world, it can be difficult to shut off and recharge our batteries, especially with so many people and tasks pulling at us from every direction.

Here are some of the best ways to relax when life and work is stressing you out:

Play some online games

No matter your age, games can be really fun! As we get older, games like Connect Four and Guess Who lose their appeal a little and we often fall out of the habit of playing games and having fun. Slots Heaven is a great way to play while challenging yourself with online casino games. It can be the perfect way to relax after a hard day at work or a stressful week.

office-620817_1280Write it out

Writing down how you’re feeling, your stresses and triumphs, worries and fears, can help give you clarity, help you to feel less stressed, and also help you to make decisions if you’re weighing one outcome against another.

Get some exercise

Along with releasing endorphins, exercise is a good way to focus on something else for half an hour, help you feel like you’re doing something good about your health, and lift your mood. Whether you head to the gym for a spin or pump class, or simply take a 15 minute walk, these are excellent ways to unwind, or even start the day in a relaxed mood.

chewing-gum-287919_1280Chew Gum

Often when we’re stressed our jaw muscles will tighten, which is painful and can lead to a tension headache. Grabbing a fruity or minty stick of gum is a great way to beat stress, and just a few minutes of chewing can lower your cortisol levels and reduce anxiety.


It may sound wishy washy, but taking 5 minutes to meditate can do wonders for your mood and outlook. Just two bouts of meditation per day can relive depression and stress, so take some time out, find a comfortable spot, concentrate on breathing, and enjoy the solitude.

Take a Nap

A short catnap can refresh you, and give you a chance to feel like you’re restarting your day. Be sure not to sleep for any longer than 30 minutes, though, since any longer will put you into REM sleep and you’ll wake up groggy. Try the Sleep Cycle Power Nap app, which monitors your body and will wake you at the ideal stage before you slip into a deep sleep.

sleep-375345_1280Give yourself a massage

A hand massage is a good way to help people who spend a lot of time at their keyboards, and hands can carry a lot of tension. Grab some nice lotion or oil, and spend some time rubbing your hands. Pay particular attention to the muscle underneath your thumb, which will relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and scalp.

Grab a Stress Ball

Keep a stress ball in your purse, desk drawer, or car, and when you can feel the urge to strangle your coworker or blow up at your boss, spend a few moments squeezing the stress ball instead. Be sure to use both hands, for an easy, non-violent way to reduce stress.

girl-358771_1280Head outside

The sun is a natural way to relive stress, so if it’s a sunny day take your lunch outside, and leave your phone on your desk. Sunlight has been known to help people who suffer from depression, and can also help those who are feeling stressed to relax.