In today’s non-stop, work-filled world, finding time for yourself, grasping an ounce of fun, personal development or that most elusive of emotions- joy- can be a surprisingly difficult thing to accomplish. Joy is something we don’t think about all that much, and many think of it as a rather ‘exceptional’ feeling, only enjoyed during births, weddings, once in a lifetime experiences and the like, however letting joy into your life can be a far less restricted endeavour, bolstering one’s mood especially during darker, more morose times. So, how can one enjoy some joy?


Let It In!

We often travel through our lives telling ourselves that we can’t do certain things. Thoughts along the lines of “I should be focusing on work now”, “I need to make time for more pressing issues” etc can paralyze us, stopping us from feeling the emotions we most enjoy. Quite simply, let yourself be joyful, giving yourself the mental ok to do so, and you’ll likely find that joyousness flows far more freely from your psyche.

Spend Time With Family and Friends

It’s commonplace nowadays for people to regard their nearest and dearest as a hindrance rather than a blessing; such are the negatives of individuality, after all; however take the time to get to know those around you, forging bonds and making time, and you’ll likely find joy in the things they do. Yes, you may have to make some compromises- we often will- but the positives garnered from doing so will far outweigh the negatives.

Make Free Time

Yes, we all need to work and provide for ourselves and our families, but often we an get swept along by the huge pressure to work hard and earn. The trick here is to stop wasting time, strangely enough. Surfing the net in between tasks or wasting your valuable time on pointless tasks can mean we have to spend time we otherwise use working making up for the time originally lost! By efficiently organising your time you’ll find yourself with free evenings and weekends that you can use to pursue your wants and loves.



Many adults will think of the concept of playing as a thing they abandoned when they entered adulthood, however playing is a great way to unwind and relax, letting joy easily into one’s life. Playing online games, even, can be a find way of passing the time, whilst also letting excitement fill your mind.

Spend More Time Around Children

Though those lacking children can find them annoying, overly-energetic and a general pain in the neck, kids are some of the most joyous human beings around! Just spending a few hours in the company of children in your family, or by perhaps helping out at kids community programmes, can really help alter your perception for the better.