Hello! Welcome to my site, the everyday joys. My name’s Laura and I’m a British gal who’s moved half way around the world to Australia. I’m here on a working holiday visa, and I decided to document my time here.


Why I took the plunge:
I was in a career that wasn’t satisfying me, spending the weeks doing the same stuff over and over. I’d always dreamed of visiting Australia, but there was something always in the way. The working holiday visa is only open until you’re 30 and with only a few more birthdays left under the belt, I decided to take the plunge. It’s been a fun adventure so far, but there’s been a lot of challenges.

Where I’m living and my plans for the future:
At the moment I’m living in Melbourne, although I’m considering the move to Sydney – the beaches there are great. At the moment I’m on a job hunt, so it depends if I get something good enough to make me want to stay here. I have a degree in mass communications and figured creating a blog would be a great platform for me – as well as a way to keep in touch with friends and family overseas.

What are “the everyday joys”?
They’re the little things, the things that make life better. Little life hacks I learn along this adventure. They’re tips I’ve read online, learned from friends or family or figured out myself (the hard way).