Protein is essential for our bodies, it helps repair, restore and strengthen our muscles and immune system. It also helps keeps us fuller for longer making it great for weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet. However a lot of people aren’t consuming enough of it in their diets or need extra because , so it can be good to get a top up by using protein powders and adding protein shakes to the diet.They are an extremely convenient snack to have on hand too for when you get hungry throughout the day. However it can hard to know what protein powders you need and when you should include it in your diet.


When to buy protein shakes?

Many athletes and gym junkies use protein powder as the extra protein helps them repair and build muscle mass. If you are lifting heavy weights this is particularly important. For those who are looking to gain weight adding in extra protein shakes to your daily diet definitely helps. However they can also help in weight loss, being a great healthy snack option that keeps you sustained longer post gym session. For people who are on a liquid diet, due ot surgery or dental problems protein powders can also be helpful as you can’t get it from your foods.


What type of protein powder to buy?

There are so many different protein powders on the market it can be extremely confusing on what one to buy. Depending on what your dietary restrictions are or what you are want to achieve it will depend on what protein powder you will buy. There are many types of protein powders the two most common are Whey and Soy. However if you are vegan and want something plant based then there are good pea or brown rice protein powders on the market. There are also some great organic protein powders if you worried about chemicals added in. For women you can get particular protein powders that provide vitamins and minerals to women specifically and what their bodies need. There are some with carbohydrates and some without. Other protein powders have added enhancers to help the body for post workout recovery, like creatine or fat metabolisers. Depending on what your requirements are from the gym will depend on what type of protein powder to buy. Also see if you can get some samples to taste test as some are far better tasting then others.


Do you use protein powder? Which type do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.