Finding the time to stay healthy at university can be difficult. Between working part time, assignments, classes, exams and some form of social life it can be hard find the time to eat, let alone cook, go to the gym and be healthy. However with some simple cooking tips , or careful scheduling it can be easy to stay healthy whilst you are in this super stressful time of your life.


1. Cook your own meals and cook in bulk

Everybody knows the key to staying healthy is to eat nourishing food. When at university it can be very easy to just go with those two minute noodles or function off sugar and coke to get you by. However it’s easy to get a few good recipes that are quick to make and super healthy too. Spend a couple hours a week making those meals up and then make them in bulk. That way you always have a healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge or freezer when hunger strikes. Also keep some healthy snacks in your bag incase you get stuck in the library all day and forget to eat.

 2. Schedule in exercise

It can be hard to find the time to exercise when you are feeling overwhelmed with assignments and course work. However studies actually show how good exercise is for the brain, so getting up and moving will help you study in the long run. Even if all you can fit in is twenty minutes a day, it’s better then nothing. So next time you are feeling that afternoon slump, get up out of your chair and take yourself for a brisk walk around the block. There are plenty of sports teams you can join at university, that can help make exercise a social and fun thing to do. The key to making exercise a regular occurrence is make it a priority in your daily schedule.


 3. Sleep

It’s easy to get into bad sleeping patterns in the life of a student. You are all of a sudden pulling all nighters to get assignments in, or chose to spend the whole night out partying with your friends. However getting a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis will make a world of difference to your study. Your brain will function better and you will definitely be in a better mood.