For many of us staying in shape is challenging with our busy schedules. Women nowadays have so many roles. They are expected to have a successful career, raise their children, to have a perfectly clean house without germs and bacteria, to love their husbands, to be there for everyone. List does not end here! On top of all that she has to be thin and stay in shape.

The situation is not much better for men either. He has to have a successful career also, to be good provider for his family, to earn enough money in today’s economy, to be a loving husband and a father, to be strong support to his family, and much more. And on top of that to stay in shape!


Almost every day we are bombarded with news how sedentary way of living could kill us, how it leads to many health problems, how we must find time to exercise and stay in shape, and so on. But, both men and women are over-exhausted, with our busy schedules, and no time for ourselves. So, here is a top 5 tips for staying in shape, that all of us could use by just slightly adjusting our busy schedules:

  1. Walk at least part of the way to your work

Park your car one or two blocks away from your work place and take a walk. If you use bus, step out of it one or two stops before your workplace, and take a walk. These 10 to 15 minutes walks will improve your entire working day, you will feel great and help you stay in shape.

  1. Use stairs

Instead of the elevator use stairs! You can adjust the rhythm of climbing stairs according to your physical health and shape. So, you can climb slowly, vigorously or even run. But no matter which rhythm you choose to climb stairs, it is good cardio exercise for your heart.


  1. Start gardening

Gardening is a good form of moderate exercise that burns approximately 300 calories an hour. It is a good idea to start your garden behind your house. But even if you live in an apartment and don’t own a house, you can start your garden somewhere in your community. There is surely unused or unmaintained place in your community, you can turn into your green oasis.

  1. Start dancing

Turn music and dance when you are home alone or enroll dance lessons with your spouse. Dancing is great way to stay in shape. There are various forms of dance nowadays, like jazzercise, belly dancing, hip hop, zumba or break dance, so you don’t even need a dancing partner.

  1. Clean your house or apartment

Clean your house or apartment, instead of giving your children cleaning chores. During house cleaning you are involved in stretching and lifting exercises. It will help you burn your calories and stay in shape.

Photo Credit: Andrew BowdenPaul Stein and Garry Knight