While there are many ways that you can save money, choosing not to buy health insurance is the wrong way to go about it, and this can actually be extremely damaging in the long run. Did you know that people who are uninsured don’t get the same amount or quality of preventative care, and therefore could actually have greater financial risk when it comes to their health care compared to people who are insured?

There’s no doubt that health care costs continue to climb. And while health insurance may seem like an expensive purchase, not having it can end up costing you much more. Consider how many people you know who have had a heart attack or who have a heart condition. Now, consider how much you think it would cost if you were to have open heart surgery. Be prepared to be shocked- you’ll spend approximately $324,000 to get that heart fixed, so imagine adding this amount into your bills each month, and consider that the average mortgage payment would be more than $2000 each month- and that’s only one procedure.

When you look at how much it actually costs to have medical care and procedures, it makes much more sense so pay monthly premiums and negate the risk of being uninsured.


Keep in mind that it’s not just you who’s impacted when you’re uninsured. In fact, everyone around you is impacted as well. Since those who don’t have any health insurance will often wait until their condition is extremely bad and they need to use the emergency room, facilities and doctors will often have huge bills that will be unpaid. In order to recoup these losses, hospitals then need to charge everyone else more for their services.

One key reason why you should buy health insurance is because of the preventative care aspect. When you have health insurance, you’re more likely to get annual check-ups and tests when you’re unwell, and can therefore catch and treat serious conditions early- which also saves time and money (not to mention lives) in the long run.

For those who have been out of high school for a long time, many universities and colleges are now requiring health insurance, and will sometimes require that certain benefits are covered. If you’re considering going into further study, you’ll need to insure that you’re completely covered for this.

Finally, one big reason to buy health insurance is because it’s simply good for your self worth. After all, you insure material items like your home and car, so why wouldn’t you insure yourself so you can have the best possible health care in the event that you need it?

If you’re involved in an accident, become ill, or are diagnosed with something serious, this is guaranteed to be a scary and stressful time in your life. Make it easier on yourself and be sure to buy medical insurance so you won’t be worrying about how you’ll pay your medical bills.