Whether you are an avid gardener or not, a tidy yard makes a big difference to the appearance of your home. It adds curb appeal and makes it more attractive to spend time outdoors. While we are all time-poor, here are four easy ways to help clean up your yard and make it ready to enjoy.


1. Turn Pruning Rubbish into Something Useful

You’ve pruned the trees and shrubs, and now you’re left with a pile of trimmings. Instead of filling your green waste bin, why not turn those trimmings into something useful? A garden shredder can break leaves, twigs and sticks down into material ideal for composting and fertilising your garden beds. Look for garden shredders made by a reputable garden tool manufacturer, such as Ryobi. They produce models that have auto-reverse unblocking systems – so they reduce the chance of clogging. Your yard trimmings will have a happy new home out of sight in your compost bin or mulched into the garden beds.

2. Eliminate Those Weeds

Pruning and rubbish removal make a huge difference to the appearance of your yard. Unfortunately that work will go to waste if you have visible weeds in your garden. Plucking out a few weeds here and there certainly feels like less work, but you probably aren’t accomplishing much. Instead, it’s best to don the gardening gloves and tackle those weeds when the soil is damp. It’s more likely you will pull the roots out as well, so the weeds won’t grow straight back. Don’t put flowering weeds on your compost heap, as they won’t decompose fast enough to stop the seeds from spreading. The best way of combatting weeds is by growing a thick, healthy lawn – if that seems a little way off for your yard, you may have to use a weed spray.


3. Direct Focus to Your Garden Beds

You’ve invested in beautiful flowers and spent time carefully planting them in your garden bed. Now you’re just waiting on them to grow so nothing else needs to be done, right? Not so. You need the perfect base in which flowers will thrive. Adding mulch to your garden beds helps to conserve water, keeps the soil at an even temperature and reduces the chance of weeds growing. Mulch doesn’t have to distract from the look of your garden or make it look messy. A bark mulch can add colour to your garden, while straw mulches add extra nutrients to your garden bed as they break down.

4. Mow, Edge and Treat Your Lawn

One of the best ways to clean up your yard is by dedicating some time to your lawn. As the lawn is usually the biggest feature of most gardens, spending time on it pays off in the long-term. Mow your lawn often to keep it in good health. Removing long tendrils and scraggly lawn offshoots will also make a big difference. You don’t need an expensive edger to tidy the perimeter of your lawn. A straight-edge shovel works almost as well. Regular fertilising and aerating will also ensure your lawn looks lush and green.

Tidying up your yard doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming process. What are some other simple ways to keep your yard looking clean and tidy?