With Christmas just around the corner, it’s normal to feel a little stressed. Hopefully you’ve been setting aside a little cash throughout the year to cover the extra expenses that Christmas brings: preparing a lunch, or dinner, presents, petrol getting between different relatives houses or even flights. It’s not cheap! But it’s one of the most special times of year, when we gather with friends and family to celebrate, so it’s worth doing right. If you’ve still got Christmas shopping to do, or not too much of a budget left over for gifts, never fear! It’s the perfect time of year for shopping as you have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday only weeks before Christmas. 

What’s the Deal With Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
Black Friday might sound like a weird name, and perhaps suits the chaos that has been recorded in some shopping centres around America – where shoppers seem to turn into aggressive zombies. But the name is quite logical, when you consider where it comes from. For much of the year, stores are in the “red” meaning they’re operating at a loss. Around when Black Friday is, stores become profitable and come into the “black” – hence, Black Friday. Black Friday is a win for both stores and customers alike, as the extra sales from the crazy discounts do a lot to boost the stores’ sales and for us consumers, a crazy sale just before Christmas literally could not come at a better time. 

While Black Friday was invented in the ’60s and has had a bit of time to gain popularity, Cyber Monday is relatively new. It was noted that after Black Friday, the following Monday seemed to have an urge in online sales. Perhaps after browsing the Black Friday deals, people felt inspired to shop, but online where they could be certain to get what they want and not have to deal with the stress of crazy shoppers or things not being stocked in a certain store. The term Cyber Monday was coined, and it seems to be Black Friday’s little sister that occurs online. 

Using Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Your Advantage
Christmas shopping can be expensive, especially if you have a large family. It’s pretty hard to start buying things too far out in the year, as often children – and especially teenagers – likes and dislikes change rapidly. The thing that they were in love with in Jan? Well now that’s only cool for babies. As such, buying too far out can result in presents that are a bit out of touch. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are generally one month out from Christmas, close enough to ensure whatever you get will be exactly what they’re wishing for. It also gives you enough time to relax before Christmas, knowing the bulk of your shopping is done. There’s nothing worse than crawling around the mall on Christmas Eve, counting down the hours before the store closes and wondering if you’ll get everything done. 

Stretching the Savings Further
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best days of the year to shop, no doubt about that. But is there any way to make the savings any better? Yes! With MyVoucherCodes you can find online sales codes for your favourite stores that allow you to save even more. Lots of my favourite stores are covered and you’ll be surprised by the extra savings. The next time you need to grab something for Christmas, or just because, check out the site and enjoy the savings!