Finding the right care home for a loved one is a serious business. It is a big change for anybody and many feel they are losing their independence by doing so. If you are in the UK find a care home in oxford that puts its residents first.

Here are 5 things to look for when choosing a care home that can make the transition easy and stress free:

1.     Look for Person Focused Care.

A home that makes patient care it’s priority is a must. Look for a home that treats it’s patients as individuals and focuses on their unique needs and interests an much as possible, while providing them with high quality medical support. A care home that takes into consideration its patients hobbies and special preferences when formulating plans is important.


2.     Freedom

Providing your loved one with a home that offers choices can make the transition a lot more comfortable. Look for a home that has options for residents to engage in leisure activities as much as possible. Maintaining independence a much as possible is key to happiness and well being.

3.     Comfort

Above all the environment must be comfortable and clean. If your loved one does not feel at ease how are they ever going to adapt to it and feel at home. Look for a clean, hygienic and inviting care home.


4.     Staying Social

As we get older it can become harder and harder to stay in touch with family, let alone friends. A care home that has an exciting social calendar with a variety of activates is a great way to get your loved one out and about. Many people form strong friendships in care homes, so finding one with a variety of social opportunities is a great idea. Aside from set activities, a home with a warm inviting common area is the perfect space for creating new friendships.

5.     Keeping in Touch

Many people feel like their families are abandoning them when they move into a care home. Make sure they feel like they can contact you easily and look for a home with easy phone access and Internet service. Keep in touch and visit when you can to ensure they feel loved and supported.