Decorating a small space in the home can be hard. Often we have so much stuff, everything just ends up looking cluttered and messy. So to simplify your life and tidy things up here are some great simple interior design solutions for a small space.

1. When it comes to a small space, finding smart storage solutions is key. There are so many furniture stores out there that offer intelligent storage solutions for the home. Look for things that you wouldn’t expect to have storage space in them. For example an ottoman, that opens up for storage space can easily store your couch blankets and cushions or you can build some storage space beneath your bed.


2. Use your space wisely. There is no point putting in a ten seater dining room table if it’s going to take up your whole apartment. So pick your furniture size wisely. Looks at the space and when shopping for furniture ensure you take a tape measure with you. Things always look different in store to what they do back home.

Adding in some photographs is a great way to create the illusion of more space without spending too much money. allow you to print out your photos for very affordable prices with the click of a button.

3. Pick your colours wisely. When picking paint for the walls and furniture be sure to not make it too busy. Having nice light simple colours creates the illusion of more space, where as lots of different bright colours can leave a small space feeling even more cluttered.

4. Using floating shelves for storage. If you don’t have space on the floor then add it to your walls. Shelves don’t just need to be for your books as well. You can add some trendy boxes that then can serve as drawers and add even more space to store your stuff.


5. Play with mirrors and clear surfaces. By putting mirrors on your walls you add reflections that create the optical illusion of more space in the room. As well as using things like clear glass tables removes some of the clutter, as your eyes are able to wander through the piece of furniture.

6. Create multi-functional spaces. It’s easy to turn a lounge room into a spare bedroom with a good fold out couch. Or find a nook where you can place a fold out desk turning a blank wall into a small office space.

7. Clear out the mess. When decorating a small space do a huge spring clean twice a year. We collect so much stuff that we don’t and then just keep it cluttering our lives and living areas up. So commit to de-cluttering and get ruthless with getting rid of things that you don’t need.