Are you on a budget this fall but want to create something fantastic for your Thanksgiving guests? If you have just a few dollars to spare or can even find ways to repurpose items around the home, decorating this autumn doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking ordeal. Check out these ideas for decorating on a budget.

Try These DIY Paper Gourds

Paper gourds are easy to make! Start by cutting a sheet of cardstock into equal strips about 1 inch wide. Punch a hole through the top and bottom of each strip. String the strips together with ribbon or string by threading it through all the bottom holes at once and then through all the top holes. Secure it at the bottom with tape. Pull the string tight until the paper forms a “C.” Tie off the top, and then spread each piece apart to create a spherical gourd that you can now hang from anywhere. Detailed instructions are available for how to make these DIY paper gourds.

Repurpose Your Christmas Lights


Your white Christmas lights don’t need to sit in storage all year. Break them out early, and use them in your fall decorations. You can start by stuffing mason jars with white string Christmas lights and filling the spaces with fall-themed items like acorns or pine cones. (Just make sure that your lights don’t get too hot.) Another idea is to glue leaves on the outside of your mason jars — use a paint brush to paint the glue on so the leaves sit flat — and then light them up with Christmas lights or candles.

Do you need more ideas on how to create a fall look with your Christmas lights? Check out these options at

Buy Fake Flower Decor

You really want to go all out this year, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Why not skip the fresh flowers and fresh pumpkins and buy something that you can use year after year? Decorate your table with a flower centerpiece complete with fall colors like orange, red, and brown. Even get a fake flower wreath for your door. It won’t cost much to begin with, and you’ll save by being able to use it for years to come. If you still want a DIY project, you can buy fake flower bouquets and create your own wreath for your door.

Decorate With Hay


A single hay bale with pumpkins and other fall-themed items surrounding it can make a fantastic setup in your front yard to really bring the autumn spirit to your home. You can usually get a small bale of hay for around $3.00, so it’s a cheap option for an outdoor decoration. You can even use the hay in other decorative pieces like a wreath or a homemade scarecrow.

Explore Your Back Yard

If you head to your back yard, chances are that you’ll find something that you can decorate with, and this can be a completely free option! Turn stray twigs into a wreath for your door, or twist them into a cute centerpiece that you can finish off with tea candles in mason jars.


The leaves, pinecones, and acorns that are spread across your yard can be a valuable tool in fall decor, too. You can use leaves to make leaf roses, or you can use twigs and leaves to create wall art. One really cool idea is trimmed leaf art where you cut out leaves into different shapes and insert them into frames to put on your wall. Or make things really simple and tape leaves to your wall to create a cool flying-leaf wall decal.

Decorating your home with little money to spare this fall doesn’t have to be impossible. If you have a limited budget, simply explore your home and yard to see what you have on hand. Which one of these ideas will you take advantage of this year?