Do you need a pill to fall asleep? Sometimes, all it takes is an easy routine for you to get better sleep. And you’ll be surprised by how simple solutions can be. For years I had problems sleeping and I tried everything to change that. If you’re not sleeping properly, your whole life seems to fall apart so quickly. I purchased a Sleepmaker mattress and made a night time routine and have noticed significant improvements in the length of my sleep and the quality too. If you’re having problems feeling refreshed when you wake up or simply aren’t getting enough hours sleep, try these tips and perhaps you won’t need that pill anymore.


Make a schedule

If sleeping early is not an option for you, since you’re busy with work and all, at least make an effort to be consistent with your bedtime. Try setting up a schedule – say eleven o’ clock at night. Then try to make it a point to sleep at eleven every night for a week. Try this again for another week. In doing this, you are regulating your sleep pattern. It’s pretty much like setting a body clock. Your body will be able to recognize that you need to sleep, and wake up too, at a certain, regular hour.

Take a bath

This is a common remedy for sleeping difficulties. Whether you soak in a tub or you take a shower, it’s up to you. Bathing allows your tense muscles to loosen up; hence, it helps you feel relaxed. When your body is at peace, it gives your mind a chance to clear all your worries. Your focus is to yourself or maybe to nothing at all. Just indulge yourself in taking comfort from water.


Drink something warm

A glass of warm milk or a cup of tea can do you good. Drinking something warm has more or less the same effect when you take a bath. Only that this time, you are doing things for the inside. Feel the warmth as it spreads in your body.

Read a book

Now, if you are fond of books, it may not just help you at all in getting better sleep. It’s a big possibility that you won’t be able to stop yourself from flipping another page that can easily become a chapter or two and in special cases, the whole book itself.

So that you can get better sleep, try reading a book with a theme that you are not particularly fond of.  In other words, find a book that is so boring that you can’t just help but sleep from it.

Don’t sleep

Sometimes, when you are trying so hard to sleep your mind just get too obsessed with trying to sleep that you can’t just sleep. Sounds like a tongue twister – a metaphor on what’s probably happening inside your head as you try too hard to sleep. Get up and watch a show or listen to some classics until you feel really tired.

Sleep is so important so make sure you’re creating an environment that encourages good sleep.