Cleaning products these days are filled with all sorts of nasty chemicals. You only need to read the ingredient labels to find out how many products contain extremely harmful and dangerous ingredients that you are spreading all over your home. In fact a lot of these ingredients can be linked to allergies, skin problems, asthma and carcinogens. So chuck out all your household cleaners and detoxify your home with these top tips on cleaning the house naturally.


1. Get a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners are a very effective and natural way to clean just about every room in the house. Not only that but they also deodorize and sanitize, killing 99% of most household germs. By simply using tap water, a steam cleaner eliminates all the chemically laden cleaning products needed to get the house clean and safe. There are some great products on the market like Karcher steam cleaners that will do the job perfectly for you. Not only are steam cleaners environmentally friendly but they also make cleaning easier and quicker, saving you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the house.


2. Use everyday ingredients from your pantry to clean.

Effective cleaning products can be found from everyday items in the pantry, which is just the way our Grandparents used to clean. Key ingredients include: citrus peels, bi-carb soda, vinegar, castile soap, essential oils and good old water. Bi-carb soda is perfect for getting off tough grease and grime in the kitchen and bathroom and can also be used for deodorizing rooms. It is probably the most effective oven cleaner I’ve come across, and no more breathing in those nasty fumes.

Vinegar makes a good window and glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and floor cleaner. It’s also been known to make a great fabric softener in your washing. Citrus is great for killing germs, so can be used as a natural disinfectant. Essential oils, not only help in cleaning but are also a great way to naturally make the house smell fresh. You can get some great recipes from the internet for just about any cleaning requirement in the house.


3. Use microfiber cloths.

These miracle cloths are great for cleaning glass, mirrors, dusting and polishing your stainless steel, all without the use of a single cleaning product. You can even get a microfiber mop, which is perfect for cleaning the floors. Buy a big stack of them and have a different colour for each room of the house.