There’s nothing more stressful than a cluttered home, that’s not well kept. After a long day at work, we all need to relax and unwind. This proves true for parents too, with a recent study stating that 4 in 5 parents retreat to the bathroom to get some alone time. If you’re a parent who finds themselves taking a breather from the kids in the bathroom, don’t worry you’re not alone. Here are some tips for making your home the sanctuary you deserve.


1) Accessorise

Adding little details into your home can make a big difference. If you find yourself hiding away in the bathroom, why not buy some magazines or books to keep you company in there. You can buy some cushions for your couch, which really makes the room really pop. Sprinkle some plants throughout the house or add in some photo frames and fill them with photos of cherished ones. You can find awesome accessories at UK Bathrooms.

2) Enhance Your Outdoor Space

With summer coming up soon, if you have a garden or outdoor area, you should spruce it up to encourage you to spend more time out there. Steel Buildings can be used for a hangout area outside. Consider things like steel pergolas, awnings, barns or a small clubhouse. Buying some lights or candles will make it more appealing at night time,and perhaps consider buying a BBQ so you can host parties. Enhancing your outdoor space is a great way to transform your home into a sanctuary.


3) Ban Electronics in the Evenings

If you work with computers, use your phone at work or just feel overwhelmed by technology, it can be nice to have set times of the day or week where it’s electronic free. If you’re feeling stressed or the pulls of technology too much, taking a break can make you feel refreshed and can really improve your relationship with your family.

4) Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

I know we live in a consumption based society that is “Buy buy buy”. Well I suggest you get rid of anything you haven’t used or looked at in the past six months. You don’t need to throw it away, there are numerous charities that you can donate your used clothes to. Be ruthless, get rid of clutter and you’ll find that your home will feel even closer to a sanctuary – and you can help people out in the process.

Your home is where you sleep, where you spend time with your family and where you unwind from the day. It’s important that it’s a peaceful, calm place where you feel comfortable. If you have a special spot, such as the bathroom, where you may find yourself taking a break from your kids, why not invest a little time and money to make it more comfortable.