Spring is always a welcome season as it is a time for rejuvenation and renewal. You can easily bring this refreshing feeling into your home in a number of exciting ways. This can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint in vibrant colors, or changing some of your furnishings or accessories in favor of brightly colored ones. Here a few ideas on how to go about it.


Paint palettes

When spring rolls over, you can opt to decorate your home with soft pastel colors that will immediately brighten up your living space. You can go for shades of cotton candy pink, baby blue, mint green, yellow and lilac. For example, you could paint your living room with a green palette for a cool and welcoming effect. Your bedroom could be painted in blue for a calming effect, while in the kitchen you could paint the interior of the kitchen cabinets a bright yellow so that they contrast with the walls, which could be a pale white and add a White Kitchen Faucet that will make it standout. Finally, you can choose a soft lilac palette for your bathroom for an added feminine touch.


When it comes to furniture, you are better off going for bright and fiery hues such as red, orange, and fuchsia pink. Always opt for a neutral base, and then select statement pieces that really stand out. An ideal piece would be the Harlequin Corner Sofa, which comes in square and rectangular shapes, and has substantial arms and generous seat cushions. These seat cushions come in a variety of bright colors that are bound to brighten your home. Another idea for your sofas are mismatched prints or traditional florals for the upholstery, as long as you stick to a similar style and hues.

Windows and drapes are another easy way of bringing spring into your home. You can opt for floral and lace curtains and sheers for a bright and cheerful look. You can also update a room with a fresh window treatment, whether by painting your window boxes with a bright new color, or putting up a new shade with a pretty floral pattern.



You can add patterned rugs and pillows as well as brightly colored vases to your living room to give it that fresh spring feel without having to spend a lot. You can update your lampshades by choosing bold colors that herald the coming of the new season. You could also adorn your walls with picture frames containing patterned paper that matches the overall color scheme. Yet another idea is placing ready-made ceiling rosettes that come in shades of yellow on your wall for an attractive display.

Putting some spring color into your home helps rejuvenate and liven up your living space. You should go for furnishings and accessories that not only add color to the home, but also comfort through the choice of fabrics and materials. In this way, you will turn your home into a welcoming and homely place to be.