It pays to know what surfaces are going to be a nightmare to clean before you install them during your next renovation project. If you are in a position to choose the materials for your next renovation project, save yourself the hassle later on and read our list of the five worst materials to clean.


It may come as a surprise to find out that marble can be terribly difficult to clean because it has the appearance of being a hard-wearing material; however, it is actually a soft (though admittedly beautiful) stone that’s prone to damage and staining. If you’re thinking of utilising marble in your next renovation project, then be prepared to spend time maintaining and cleaning it.



As a hard-fired clay, porcelain is used for many different purposes, especially for ornaments and crockery. Yet this is a fragile material and variants such as bone china can put fear into your heart when it’s cleaning time. It’s a good idea to remove dust with a dry cloth before using a small (or large) soft brush to get into any cracks. Use warm soapy water to wash each item before rinsing and placing on a cloth, or paper towel, to dry. Or just don’t have any porcelain in your house.

Stainless Steel

Incredible as it seems, stainless steel can be an absolute nightmare to clean if it’s not done properly. A beautiful wall of stainless steel can be ruined in a few minutes with a wire wool scrubber and an inept member of your cleaning team/family. Once those scratches have been gouged into the surface, there’s no way to remove them. There are a number of different methods for cleaning different types of stain so be sure to use the right one at the right time.


White Wool Rugs

The idea of having a brilliant white wool rug or carpet is often better than actually owning one; unless you ban all children, pets and clumsy adults from the room where you intend to lay your pristine floor covering. It’s not impossible but it is very difficult to keep a white woollen rug spotless, and again, it’s not impossible but it is exceptionally difficult to clean and/or remove stains from wool. Unless you’re a very responsible and sophisticated adult, it might be best to stay away from the white woollen rug idea.

Wooden Flooring

Hardwood floors are not necessarily the hardest surface to clean but unless you know what to do, there’s a good chance you’ll totally ruin your floor’s finish. Does it have a shellac, varnish or lacquer finish? Is it waxed, stained or unfinished? These, and a host of other factors, are what you’ll need to find out before you commence cleaning your hardwood floor. Regardless of your floor type, though, start by sweeping with a soft bristled broom.

Too late for hindsight? Don’t fret – if DIY cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, you can always recruit a professional cleaning company such as AMC Brisbane to come in a do the hard work for you. So, what are your nightmare surfaces for cleaning? Add them to the list by commenting below.