I love Winter although I hate the feeling of getting cold, weird huh? I love the white scenery, the softness of the snow and winter feeling itself. Since I hate the feeling of getting cold, I usually get the heater going and of course that hurts my power bills but I have no choice then. But recently, I have stumbled upon an ebook, and learned #TipsToKeepWarm other than having my heater on! Got your attention? Keep reading.

Check your Furnace

If you need it replaced have it replaced and use it! You are using natural gas here so i is a great way to heat your home. It provides quick, powerful heating at a low cost.


Check Your Insulation

There’s no point is keeping warm if your home is not well insulated. You are just letting the warm air inside your house go out. I suggest you get your home winter insulated to make sure that you’ll have a warm and amazing winter for the years to come.

Check your Windows

Having a proper fitted window will make sure that the warm air will be kept inside and not go out. If you have the budget better upgrade to make it even more energy efficient, if by chance you are still low on cash, just fill in the gaps, and cracks of the window to minimise the warm air from oozing out.

Check your Wardrobe

Make sure you have clothes that are winter ready yet comfortable. Having your winter sweater paired with womens elasticated waist trousers is one great combination. If you have jackets, coats make sure you use them well and pair them with a comfortable trousers to avoid having to turn on your heating.

Check the Where the Sun is

The most effective and free way to let the warmth in. Make sure you open your curtains to let the sun in and and have it heated naturally. When night comes make sure to close them and use heavy thick curtains to avoid the winter night chill.

Check your Food

Eating or Drinking warm food can help you in staying warm. I usually drink hot chocolate before going to bed and usually prepare soup or stew for lunch and dinner. Keeping your stomach warm keeps your body warm as well.

Here are things I learned that helped me during Winter this year! Do you have any more suggestions? Let me know in the comments section.