Whether you’re looking to save space or provide more comfortable sleeping arrangements for guests, sofa beds can be a sound investment for any homeowner. Here are four reasons why you might choose to add a sofa bed to your home.

Flexible furnishings 

There are real advantages to choosing flexible furnishings for your home that have a number of uses, especially if you have limited space. This could include furniture that doubles up as storage as well as items designed to store away nearly.

sofa bed

A sofa bed can definitely offer flexibility thanks to its dual use. It could also save you money. We all know that beds, mattresses and sofas can be pretty costly. If you need a bed for the spare room but could also do with another sofa then a sofa bed could be the best solution. There are so many different designs that it’s easy to find a sofa bed that fits into the space you have available and can act as an extra place to sit depending on what’s best for you.

Two rooms in one

If a room is going to be used as a bedroom as well as a study or sitting room then a standard bed could really get in the way. Unless you are going to be using the bed every night it will, mostly, just be taking up space.

The handy thing about a sofa bed is that it can blend into any kind of room, from a study or a sitting room to a playroom and a dining room. When someone comes to stay, you can then make up the sofa bed and transform the space into a guest room. Many of the larger home and furniture stores have a wide range of sofa beds, so you can match it with the décor and other furniture in the room, too.

sofe bed 1

A comfortable guest room

If you’re concerned about guests being comfortable when they stay over, a sofa bed might be your best option. Other space saving alternatives to regular beds, such as airbeds or camp beds, can be really uncomfortable, especially if they’re not used very often.

It’s worth investing in a high quality sofa bed that will last a long time and offer maximum comfort. Shop around for the best deals or wait until furniture stores have their end of season sales to get the most for your money.