It’s no secret that our needs change as we get older. If your family expands, chances are you might need to add-on another room to your house, or maybe you’ll switch out your home office for a “sleep-out” and give your new child the office. Maybe you’ll need to look into stair lifts for the home if you find yourself struggling with the stairs or confined a wheel chair. The thing about homes is they do need to evolve as your family grows and changes. A few small changes here and there can make a big difference to how long you can stay in your home and how well it serves you and your family.

Stair Lifts for the home:

While they might seem a bit “flash” or unnecessary, for some people adding in a stair lift allows them to regain their sense of independence. While there’s no shame in needing a little help, it can be quite overwhelming and stressful being unable to care for yourself. Installing stair lifts for the home can ensure you are as independent as possible and can stay in your own home as long as you are comfortable. A little change can make a big difference.

Adding on an Extra Room:

To build an extra room onto your house can be a really expensive process, but it will often increase the value of your home. If you have a room that’s being used as an office, play room or study, why not consider building an external room outside of the home and converting that home into another bedroom? Depending on where you live you might be able to rent or buy pre-made sleep-outs that function well as offices or playrooms and tend to be significantly cheaper than adding on to the house.

Adding in a Ramp:

You may find yourself or a loved one in a wheelchair due to injury or declining health – this is a possibility that no one really wants to face, but by adding in ramps to the front door and perhaps even out the backdoor, it will dramatically increase their quality of life. Many homes are built without wheelchair access in mind, but if you are building a home from scratch for your retirement, this is worth keeping in mind.

Change the Doorknobs: 

It might sound like such a silly thing, but if someone in your home suffers from Parkinson’s, simple things like opening and closing a round door handle can become challenging tasks. The more modern door handles that are longer are much easier to use and remove some of the every day hassle that people suffering from Parkinson’s have to endure.

Simple changes can make a big difference to the home, ensuring that you are freely able to enjoy and make the most of your home throughout the ages.