The term ‘Zen’ has been adapted from its traditional Buddhist meaning when used in the design industry. Zen practice is based around meditation; observing the mind and breathing. So how does this relate to your bedroom? Read on for helpful tips to turn your bedroom into a zen heaven.

What Makes a Design ‘Zen’?

There are no strict criteria to making a design ‘zen’, however there are general schools of thought. Generally a design is simplistic and decorative aspects are minimal to encourage balance and relaxation. Zen style can also be reflected in the construction of a room, or the whole home. Home designers such as Coral Homes use a minimalist approach in many designs, incorporating slightly smaller bedrooms and making the most of natural light. A zen haven is conducive to rest and rejuvenating slumber, free of disorder and away from the day’s stress.


Achieving Calmness Through Colour

To start with a zen style bedroom makeover, look for earthy and natural colours. Walls should be painted in softer tones such as whites, beige or grey. Floor coverings should be as close to a natural fibre as possible, like pure cotton or wool carpeting. Look for light, breathable textiles for the bed covers such as wool or mohair. These will also stop you overheating during the night and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

Choose Natural Furnishings

Clear lines is a phrase often associated with zen design style. Select the highest quality natural furnishings you can afford. The bedroom only needs a few key pieces. An upholstered or leather bedhead adds depth to the room without overwhelming it. If you can, position the bed as close to natural light as you can without cramping the room. Many designers also choose beds with a little extra height. Built-in storage is essential as it hides clutter and daily routine from sight.

Simplicity is Key for Relaxing the Mind

From the window treatments to the bedding, keep it simple. Avoid strong patterns and try to keep the furniture in one or two similar tones. Don’t pile the bed up with cushions or ruffles, they make the space look busy and detract from the overall feel of the room. Also steer clear of ornaments and decorations, or at least keep them to a minimum.


Remove Distractions & Bring in Nature

Your bedroom is your haven and escape from the busy outside world. To achieve a relaxing and calming atmosphere, remove the distractions. Electronic devices such as phones, tablets, TVs and laptops disrupt your relaxation time. Keep them out of the bedroom if you can. How you integrate nature is up to you. Plants, beeswax or soy candles, even a small trickling fountain can help create a relaxing environment. You can also use earthy tones to encourage a feeling of being close to nature and a bonsai tree is also a welcome addition to any zen design.

Achieving a zen heaven is simple for even the most inexperienced designer. Your bedroom should feel like your own escape, away from the rest of the world. What do you like about zen-style designs? Is it a style that would work for your home?