With the end of the fun but tiring summer holidays upon us, now is the time to turn your eye to your home and have a good sort out.

There’s something wonderfully cleansing about getting rid of old, unwanted items and sorting through your possessions. But when doing this, you may feel the need to organise your possessions in new and fun ways. So here’s a quick look at some ways in which you can get organised with a touch of style.

Stop hoarding


We all seem to have an inbuilt habit of hoarding things. Whether it be souvenirs from holidays, or even personal mementos, they can all take up space and cause clutter.

The kitchen is a place where we can acquire a range of mysterious jars and utensils. But by having a good clear out and getting a few organising items like a couple of shelves, or even a spice rack, you can suddenly create whole new spaces to conjure up some culinary delights. If you’re in the mood for further inspiration, check out Apartment Therapy’s great range of kitchen storage solutions.

Bedroom strategies


As bedrooms are personal areas, they can all-too-often gather a good deal of clutter. But having a storage unit with some clean, white shelves is a good way to have a tidy-up by providing separate compartments for all of your personal effects. The Elle website offers some great suggestions for achieving a calming bedroom effort.

And if you’re stuck for space, even your bed can provide a great storage space as shown by Bedstar, a UK bed supplier who demonstrate their range of divan based beds that open up unexpected new storage areas.

And the same applies for your wardrobe. The new season is the perfect time to donate old, unwanted clothing. And even if you find that you are still somewhat short of space, there’s a whole range of quick, cheap and stylish ways to overcome this. A simple clothes rack with some fresh Scandinavian-style whitewashed walls will quickly give your home that boutique chic.

Inventive storage


Another place in your home that positively breeds clutter will be the children’s bedroom. Stray toys and old clothing invariably find their way to the most unlikely places. So why not impose a sense of order by installing a stylish shelving unit so that their toys are not tucked away, but proudly on display.

However, in many of our homes we will always have a shortage of space which means that you’ll have to get somewhat inventive when creating your storage solutions. So rather than cluttering the floor with more boxes, why not build up and go for some storage units that are harmonised with the architecture of your room, like some simple but stylish floor to ceiling shelving spaces – perfectly designed to hold all of your ornaments!