When I was looking to spend a year overseas, I didn’t know I’d find myself in Australia. I had a few options, actually: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and somewhere else in Europe. There are a few reasons why Australia came out on top and I thought it might be helpful for some of you considering the move too, to know why I decided to move:

A Stronger Economy:

Because of all the mining here, Australia’s economy is relatively strong, even during the world-wide recession. The boom of the mining industry is on the decline, but there’s still a pretty steady job market. I wasn’t happy with my job in England so there wasn’t much for me to leave behind in that regard. The stronger Australian dollar is also a reason why I chose Australia over New Zealand, but now their currencies are closer to even.


Better Weather:

Although I’m thinking I chose the wrong city for this, Melbourne, the weather here has been pretty good, certainly better than in England. I did want a little more beach time than I am getting so I was considering the plunge to the Gold Coast or Sydney, but so far I am really enjoying Melbourne’s quirky charms.

Friendly People:

I’ve met a lot of aussies in London and they were all super friendly, very social and spoke fondly of their home. It was important to me that I came somewhere where I would make some new friends, especially as I was on my own. So far, I’ve found people in Melbourne to be really friendly.

Somewhere that Spoke English:

I wish I could say I’m fluent in French, but I’m not. As I was only planning a year long trip away, I wanted somewhere that spoke English so that I could get by easily. I knew I’d find it hard to be away from friends and family, so I wanted to make the culture shock easy.

So far moving to Australia has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m really enjoying my time here and I have no idea what I’ll do once my visa is up.