Easter is coming – it’s less than a month away, bringing fun and joy into the lives of our children. And, let’s face it, in our lives, too. The time for dyed eggs, bunny-shaped decorations, chicks and other colorful things is coming – so why not start preparing for the holiday by creating your own decorations at home. And if you involve your children, the fun and joy is twice as much! Here are a few tips to get started.


1. Chair covers

Bored of the plain old chairs you have in the dining room? Add some Easter spirit to them by covering them with Easter themed covers. Creating seat covers is simple – all you need is some material to sew and some creative edge to add ears and a face to them. Voila – the chair has turned into a white bunny, or a small yellow chick with a red beak!

Chair covers can be created for any festive occasion in a simple and fun way!

2 Easter Tree

Originally a German habit observed around Easter – even today most families create Osterbaumen (Ester trees) in their house or garden, decorated using all things colorful, including dyed egg shells. Creating such a decoration is simple: for indoors you can collect a branch, “plant” it in a pot, and decorate it using colorful ribbons and Easter eggs. For outdoors it’s even simpler: just choose a tree to decorate. Or, if you feel creative, you can even create a tree shaped decoration out of colored egg shells or egg shaped decorative craft supplies.


3. Easter baskets

Dyed eggs are traditionally a part of Easter. They need a nest to rest in, though – and this gives more opportunities for decorating. Using an old plastic bucket and a few sheets of colored Crêpe paper (tissue paper available in a variety of colors) you can create your own. I usually prefer a much more traditional way to present my Easter eggs – a small wicker basket with some colored paper and a handful of fresh, green grass. The possibilities are limitless – you can add chicks, bunnies, Easter Egg candy and basically whatever you want to the composition.

4. Easter posters

What simpler way to add some Easter spirit to your home than a few easy to create thematic posters, hung from various places in the house! These are maybe the easiest of them all to create: all you need is a large sheet of paper and pieces of colored paper or cardboard to cut out various shapes. You can do the cutting, leaving the painting and decorating to your kids while you sit back – and when they are done, you can put it all together and find the perfect place for your Easter poster.