Navigating from the plane to the airport, and then to the taxi rank with class and style is truly a modern-day challenge. However, with smart packing and a few travel essentials you can effortlessly breeze through the difficulties of travel with enviable ease.

Leather Jacket

You never know when you’ll need a jacket as air-conditioning on the airplane can be a little enthusiastic and the climate at your destination can be unpredictable. A leather jacket is an easy and fashionable option. It won’t crease, will keep you warm and won’t take up much room on the plane, unlike a bulky coat. Check out menswear stores such as Politix that have a range of leather jackets to choose from and find a style that suits you. Black and brown are the classic colours and offer the greatest versatility.


Slip-on Shoes

Going through airport security is annoying enough as it is, but having lace-up shoes that take up time to do and un-do is a real pain, especially while keeping track of your belongings. So breeze through with a set of canvas slip-ons or tassel loafers that both look great and make travelling easy.

Large Carry-on Bag

Waiting around for checked-in luggage can add a lot of time to your travel day, and also means heaving a heavy case around airports and into the back of a taxi. If you must take a checked-in bag, choose a roll-along hard case to make the process as easy as possible. Don’t forget to buy a nice luggage tag to identify your bag. However, if you can check the restrictions of your flight and find a carry-on bag that’s as large as it can be, you may be able to avoid the whole process. A leather shoulder bag is the most fashionable way to travel; you’ll be the envy of every flight as you skip the queues in style.


Passport Holder

It’s the little details that set you apart, so don’t forget about your passport. A passport holder will not only keep your important document safe, but also gives you a chance to splurge on a classy cover. For travel elegance, opt for a leather case that matches with your wallet, or browse through the fun and fashionable covers that many designers offer for a true injection of style. Look for a slim design that has a space for you to slot in your plane ticket too.


Noise-cancelling headphones are a necessity for the frequent traveller. Undisturbed by the noise of the flight, you’ll be able to emerge fresh and well rested, instead of pale and tired. So invest in a pair; you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t forget to pick up an adaptor too, so you can fit them into the plane’s console and enjoy in-flight entertainment.

Have you mastered the art of travelling with style and sophistication? What are your travel essentials? Share your tips in the comments below and keep reading for more ideas on how to glide through your next journey with fashionable ease.