Restaurants are always undergoing a new phase or trend. People constantly want new and different experiences, and restaurants are now expected to meet that demand. Many restaurant owners follow design trends in order to see what steps they should take in order to capitalise on consumers’ changing opinions, demands and lifestyles. Below are some of the best design trends for restaurants in 2015. If any (or all) of these inspire you to redecorate or completely revamp your own establishment, keep in mind that there are plenty of talented shop fitters, such as TU Projects, who can help you. People in this profession will definitely be in the know when it comes to fashionable interior trends, so you can get some expert guidance from them as well.


Stainless Steel

A perennial favourite in the kitchen, stainless steel is both chic and durable. Steel is always a fantastic option for restaurant kitchens as it is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. But this doesn’t mean it only belongs behind the scenes; innovatively incorporating steel into your restaurant’s customer-focused areas can add a touch of class and modernity to any establishment.

Bare Tables

The days of tablecloths are over. Bare table is the look that is currently trending, with the convenience of not having to wash tablecloths an obvious benefit. This is currently trending in bistros and cafés globally, though fine dining restaurants tend to maintain the traditional outlook on table wear.


Many restaurants are trying to break out of the mould of plastic tables. Wood is now in and it is here to stay. Wooden tables generally look nicer and last longer than their cheap plastic counterparts. People want to eat in an area that they like the look of, so aesthetically pleasing surroundings contribute a great deal to a person’s enjoyment of the experience and their decision on whether to return to the location or not.


Seating Height

The misconception that all tables have to be set at a certain height is rapidly evaporating. These days, it is not uncommon for a range of seating options to be provided. With many restaurants also including a bar, it is not uncommon for bar dining to occur. By having many different seating heights in the one location, you are allowing consumers to pick and choose what experience suits them the best.


Gone are the days of the simple, plain, white plate. The trend now is having crockery that correlates to the theme of the restaurant. Plates can be square, textured or multi-coloured. Other vessels can also be used in place of the plate, including wooden or stone boards. Again, these usually match the type of establishment, but aesthetic changes like crockery are a great way to ensure that your restaurant stands out.

There you have it – the top design trends for restaurants in 2015. What are your thoughts on the above? Do you have any other trends that you think are missing from this list? Let other readers know what you think is big (or will be big) this year by leaving a message in the comments below.