Halloween will soon be upon us, bringing with it pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. Yet for many the idea of Halloween also brings up some anxiety as it can be tough to decide what to get dressed up as. Panic not! With these fun outfits, you are sure to wear something that everyone will recognize and love. Read on for six of this year’s most iconic Halloween costumes.


Elsa From Frozen

One Disney character that is sure to make an appearance at Halloween parties around the globe this year is the pretty Princess Elsa from the hit movie, Frozen. With her ice-white long hair, sparkling dress, and shimmering jewels it’s easy to see why kids and adults want to mimic her look.

The best way to dress as Elsa is to buy a ready-made costume which will include the dress, tiara, and accessories needed to recreate her outfit. If you choose to go the DIY route, you will need to buy a sequin dress (or go crazy with the glitter spray), a diamante tiara, and a blond long wig if you don’t already have similar locks. Complete the look by braiding your hair into a cute fishtail side braid.

The Joker

A firm favorite for many years that is set to be another iconic costume this year is the Joker. With his pale white face, smudged eye make-up, and eerie wide smile, the Joker will make an amazing costume for any male (or female) brave enough to pull it off.

You will need a purple suit, green shirt, tie, and a wig. As with the other costumes, it works out cheaper to purchase a full outfit from a fancy dress store rather than gathering all of the clothes and accessories together. The make-up will play a huge role in how successful you are at mimicking the joker, so start practicing early, get some help from a creative friend, or buy a Joker mask!


Captain Jack Sparrow

While the Pirates of the Caribbean films were released many years ago, Captain Jack Sparrow still makes for a fun Halloween outfit. Ladies can also do their own take on the Jack Sparrow look by putting together a pirate inspired costume.

Get in the pirate spirit with some tattered clothes, a white shirt, long-haired wig, and a pirate cap or pirate bandanna. Complete the look with some eyeliner, a plastic sword, and a faux parrot!


Witch outfits have been around for years and they never seem to go out of fashion. The great thing about a witch outfit is that you can customize them to suit your personality. Do you want to go as a scary and ugly witch? Then go all out by painting your face green, sticking on some warts, and wear a big witch’s nose. You can also go as a sexy witch with a cute dress, cape, and oversized hat. The choice is yours!



Another iconic costume this Halloween is Batman. Avoid looking like a child put your outfit together by purchasing a cool Batman costume from a reputable fancy dress store. You will get some amazing comments from party-goers, plus it’s the kind of costume that can be worn for Halloween and many other fancy dress parties in years to come.

Wonder Woman

Finally, Wonder Woman makes a fabulous and fun outfit for any women out there. Who doesn’t want to dress up as a hot Amazonian princess? Wonder Woman’s outfit has been adapted throughout the years, so you can take your pick of styles. Some examples of costumes available include the sexy look, a whimsical Wonder Woman, and even a deluxe outfit where no expense is spared.

Mrcostumes.com has a great article on DC Comics most famous comic book characters, so check it out if you are looking for some Wonder Woman inspiration.

Whether you choose to go as a swashbuckling pirate or as a cute Disney Princess, these iconic Halloween costumes are sure to gown down a storm this year. Happy Halloween!