From stunning vistas and beautiful weather, to pampering hotspots and opportunities to live the high life, Australia has everything for the traveler who wants to experience adventure without sacrificing luxury. Read on for some of our top tips for travelling through the country like royalty.


Take in the incredible scenery

Australia is spoilt for natural landmarks, and Uluru (otherwise known as Ayers Rock) is foremost among them. It is the largest monolith in the world, and stands at an impressive 348 metres high. Whether you plan to view Uluru from the air via helicopter, or up close on foot, you can assure yourself of comfort by staying in the nearby Ayers Rock Resort. The luxurious Sails of the Desert hotel offers 5 star comfort, while the Desert Gardens Hotel’s premium rooms give you your own private view of the monolith. This wonderful timelapse video gives you a glimpse of what you can see.

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Equally as famous is the Great Barrier Reef, but if you don’t fancy getting your feet wet, there’s always the option to take to the air and get a bird’s eye view of this oceanic wonder – romantics will want to try and spot the unique Heart Reef. Elsewhere, Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain and Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest make for equally majestic visits.


It’s not just natural landmarks that make Australia stand out though. Sydney contains two of the country’s most iconic man-made structures – the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the latter of which can be climbed as part of a guided tour, offering spectacular views over the city.

Of course, you’ll be travelling a lot to take all that in, so you’ll want to bring some distractions to keep you busy – perhaps some good books, your favourite music, or games could help you while away the hours.

Live the high life

For those looking for comfort and relaxation fit for a princess would do well to look towards Australia’s spa resorts. From countryside retreats and lush valleys to ocean views and island getaways, there’s something for all tastes – and of course, they’re all outfitted with plentiful spa facilities. If you’re looking for the height of luxury while you relax, then Luxury Lodges Of Australia is a good place to find a quiet, exclusive retreat.

Then there’s shopping, of course. Sydney’s most prestigious department stores Myer and David Jones both offer impeccable personal shopper services, while Melbourne is renowned for its numerous boutiques. Other ways to step out in style might include attending a concert at the Sydney Opera House, or splashing some cash in one of Australia’s two largest casinos – The Crown in Melbourne, and The Star in Sydney. Whatever your tastes, Australia is sure to make you feel like the queen of your own world.