How much do you know about  ceramic floor tile? Test your knowledge here, with these ten fascinating facts.

1) You Can Create A Decorative Wall With It

Most people just think that ceramic floor tile is designed for, well, floors, hence its name. This isn’t the case at all. You can actually place these tiles on your walls, in order to make for a very interesting accent.

2) Large Format Tiles Are Easy To Install

Have you ever looked at a floor that seemed to be made up of thousands of tiny tiles? Well, in most cases, those are actually large format tiles that just look like tiny tiles. They’re extremely easy to install and create a great optical illusion.

3) Mosaic Tiles Are Great For Small Spaces

These mosaic tiles are beautiful and come in many different color combination and finishes. They’re excellent for small spaces where the tiles can really shine without being overwhelmed by other decorative elements.

4) Some Tiles Are Made To Be Abrasion-Resistant

If you’re worried about installing floor tiles that are prone to scratching, then try to find abrasion-resistant ones. Just look for the PEI label and the 3/750 designation. There are additional abrasion-resistant classes as well, including 4/6000 and higher.


5) You Can Choose Glazed or Unglazed Tiles

Tiles tend to come with one of two different finishes – glazed or unglazed. The glazed variety will hold up better over time and usually have a glossy finish. This doesn’t mean that the other version isn’t any good – this is far from the truth!

6) Choose Anti-Slip Tiles For Your Bathroom

The numbers on the tile box contain more than just manufacturer information. They also indicate whether or not the tiles are anti-slip. Look for the R9-R13 symbols, and you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling on your bathroom floor anymore.

7) Frost-Resistant Tiles Exist

These tiles are great for outdoor spaces, such as sunrooms and patios that aren’t connected to your house’s HVAC system.

8) Rectified Tiles Create An Illusion

These tiles are cut so that the sides form a 90-degree angle. If you want your floor to look as though it doesn’t have any seams, then these are your best bet.

9) Tiles Batches Can Be Slightly Different

Don’t panic if you purchase two boxes of tiles in the same color from the same collection and them slightly different. Often, the batches might consist of slight variations in the color and tone. Just mix up the tiles so that you don’t lay all of them from one box first, and the other box second. No one will notice the slight differences if they are mixed up.

10) Tonal Tiles Have Color Variations

These tiles come with a special coating on them that creates variations of shades. Just mix and match them as explained in number nine, and you’ll end up with a floor full of slightly different hues of the same color. The results will be quite striking.