One of the hard things I found about company to Australia was knowing it’s only temporary. I’m not really interested in buying lots of nice things because I know I’ll only be here a year, two years max. That means there’s really no point in properly furnishing a house or buying too many things, because in the end I’ll only have to sell them or give them away. It is a shame, because I like my home to feel nice, but it just doesn’t make sense at this stage.

I have a few tricks I’ve learned in the past few months that might come in handy:

1) If you can, opt for fully furnished
Many people shy away from fully furnished, but if you’re just going to be there for a few months or a year, it can be a great way to save money. Compare the price of furnished apartments to the price of a non furnished apartment and buying all your things. If a furnished apartment costs you $20 more per week, that’s $1000 a year. If you think of all the things you’d need to buy, it would run into the thousands. Spending $1000 over the course of the year and not having to worry about buying things can make a difference.

2) Look on AirBnb
Airbnb is mainly used as a way to rent apartments when you’re traveling, but you can use it to look for apartments too. The rates will be higher than a standard apartment rental, but often you can negotiate a price if you are renting it for a long time. If the prices are still too steep in the area you’re looking in the long term, consider staying there before you find something more affordable.


3) Share a house
Sharing a house or apartment means that you share the responsibility of buying stuff for the flat. It also means that you will have instant friends! Just make sure that your own backside is covered if anything goes sour and that includes having your flatmates on the lease with you and setting out clear rules, just in case!4) Live in a dorm
I know a few people who actually live in dorms and work normal jobs. They live in a dorm, spend a few hours early in the morning or in the evening helping with the reception, kitchen or cleaning in exchange for free accommodation. On top of that, many of them work other jobs to act as spending money and to help them save. Personally, I couldn’t do it, but it might be a nice option for those who are brave.

5) Stay with family
This is basically the jackpot! If you have friends or family in the area you’re moving to, you can make it a lot easier on yourself. Make sure to help around the home and chip in, because this is a really sweet deal you don’t want to take advantage of.

Photo Credit:  epSos .de, Mazzali and My Decorative