Entertaining over the holidays can be super fun, especially since you’ll often be seeing people you haven’t seen for a long time. But preparing your home for guests can be stressful. Luckily, this post has some top tips to help you get it right- with minimal stress.

Here are some tips for preparing your home for guests over the holidays:


When you’ve had a busy year, it can be easy to look around in December and realize your home is full of clutter. This can make rooms look smaller and less welcoming, not to mention making it more difficult for any guests with mobility issues to get around. When preparing for holiday guests, the first step is always to declutter. Take a day or two to go through each room. Remove any clothes and children’s toys that are no longer being used and either sell them or donate them. Get rid of anything on coffee tables, ottomans, countertops, and more. If you completely run out of time, at least put it all in the basement or a closet so it’s out of sight, out of mind for guests.


Focus on bedrooms

Your guest bedroom will obviously be where your guests are spending a lot of time. That’s why comfort is key here. If you don’t have some nice, comfortable bedding, check out websites like Julian Charles so you can ensure your guests will love their room. Nice touches are key here, so consider things like festive-smelling candles, candy bowls, guest robes, slippers, and even a small Christmas tree if you have room.

Stock up

If your guests are flying in, they’ve probably left most full-sized products behind. Either way, it’s nice to provide basics like toothpaste etc. You can also invest in some nicer products (many come in travel sizes) from places like Ulta and Sephora for just a few dollars. Arrange them in a nice basket either in the bathroom or on their dresser.

Consider temperature

Some guests like to have ice-cold bedrooms when it’s time to sleep, while others like to be warm and cozy. Often, guests won’t realize that they may be uncomfortable until the middle of the night when they won’t want to wake you.

Leave a stack of blankets near their bed, along with a small heater and fan in the closet. Some guests also find it difficult to sleep with any noise or light, so consider getting blackout curtains and a cheap sound machine.