Sometimes it feels as if we live in a world of screens – I know I spend way, way too long at the computer screen and on my phone. While I’m certainly not endorsing technophobia (far from it!), it seems we might all need a reminder from time-to-time that technology was actually created to make our lives better, easier, and … happier. The creators of these motivators for mindful modernity never forgot, and they’ve harnessed 21st Check them out and you’ll be living a happier, fuller existence in no time.


Express Gratitude

It’s been scientifically proven that expressing gratitude makes people happier. It makes sense. After all, recognizing all the things you have to be thankful for is simply another way of realizing all that you have to be happy about. For a modern spin on the tested-and-true practice of counting your blessings, try a gratitude journal. Try Happy Rambles. You’ll receive an e-mail every night asking you what you’re grateful for – type in three to five things and the site will store them in a private journal you can access anytime you need a little reminder of how much you have to be grateful for. It will also send you a random past entry every day in your daily e-mail- just to make sure you never lose perspective of how much you have to be happy about. Another option is to keep a journal on your phone. The Gratitude Journal app will send you a daily reminder to take a second to say thanks with an entry in a password-protected journal.

Make a Habit of Happiness

Take the 100 Happy Days challenge! According to the website, 71% of people who tried the challenge failed, citing lack of time as their main reason. But reasons for happiness are all around us – we’ve just lost the ability to recognize and celebrate them. Challenge yourself to cultivate the habit of happiness with this unique challenge. Simply take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days, and post it to your social media platform of choice (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – you can even keep it private and send in your joyful moments via e-mail.) Tag your pic #100happydays, or whatever hashtag you choose on sign-up, and you’re on a roll. The creators claim people who have completed the challenge grow more optimistic, start receiving more compliments, have a generally improved mood, and even fall in love – plus you’ll receive a little book of your 100 happy moments upon completing the challenge. Hold yourself accountable by challenging your friends to do it alongside you, and you’ll find yourselves all cultivating the habit of happiness in no time.


Take time for you – by switching off the world

We live in a world of constant distractions, which can make it difficult to truly focus on the things that give us joy. Take some time every day to switch all the distractions off and give your energy to doing something for you. The irony is that technology will help you silence technology. Get an autoreply app like Safest Text Auto Reply for Android. You can set a timer for your disconnection time, type century progress to help us grow more happiness. in a custom autoreply message, and missed calls and texts will automatically be met with a response so you can proceed with your me-time worry free. Ideas for possible messages: “I’ll get back to you after my yoga practice! Namaste.” “Sorry, this novel is way too good. Get back to you at the end of this chapter.” “I’m face-to-face connecting right now – I’ll cyber connect with you in a moment.” “ZZZZ…. Naptime. Be back soon….” “Taking ownership of my time. I’ll be happy to give some to you … in about an hour.”

Let the happiness commence!


Photo Credit: Charles Henry, Happy Rambles and 100 Happy Days