It’s an unfortunate reality that car accidents do happen, even to the most cautious and highly skilled motorists. Knowing what to do after an accident is not always clear – but it’s important to understand who you should contact, as well as the legal obligations that you have.

Who’s at Fault?

Even if you are quite sure that you have caused the accident, do not admit liability or publicly say that you are to blame. By not admitting liability, you are protecting yourself in the event of legal action being pursued.

You should contact your insurer as soon as possible and it can be wise to seek legal advice. Ensure that you contact a reputable legal firm that specialises in motor accidents, such as Sinnamon Lawyers . It’s vital to get the most accurate information and support possible and your insurance company and/or legal representatives will work with all parties involved in the accident to ascertain responsibility.


What am I Legally Required to do after an Accident?

It is imperative that you stop after you have been involved in an accident, and it is essential that you provide others involved with your name and address. In the event of personal injuries or property damage with the owner not present, you must report the accident to police. It is also illegal to drive away from an accident in a vehicle that is not in a roadworthy condition.

What Information do you Need to Exchange?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, provide other driver(s) with your name and address, details of your registration and insurance company. Once again, do not admit liability for the accident.

What should Happen if Someone is Injured?

If a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident that you are involved in (or that you witness), contact emergency services (free call) and, in order of urgency, request the attendance of ambulance, police or the fire service. You will need to advise the emergency service that a car crash has occurred, the crash location, the number of people injured and your own name.


Straight after an Accident, what Should I do?

Immediately after a car accident, try not to panic but stay calm. Turn off the ignition of your car and switch on your emergency hazard lights. Check whether anyone else has been injured and consider whether they can be helped immediately. It is important for you, and others, to stay off the road.

What not to do after a Car Accident:

Knowing what to do after an accident has occurred is important, but it’s also useful to also realise what you should not do following an accident. No matter how heated the situation may be, do not argue with the other driver. No doubt the situation will be emotionally charged anyway; an altercation with another driver will only ever serve to make things worse.

While you must not admit fault, it’s also important that you do not lie when providing your statement to police and insurance providers. Lying about the situation and your involvement will probably harm your case much more than the accident itself.

Some accidents are unavoidable and result from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, other accidents are caused by inattention, speed and lack of driving skills or experience. No matter what the cause of accident, the way that you approach the situation after an accident has occurred is tremendously important.