Anyone who loves travelling knows how greatly rewarding it can be. The chance to discover places, sights and people that are absolutely life-changing is an amazing one and even the idea of never having to stay in one place only is one that can truly liberate you. Yet, there are certain things about travelling you will have to be prepared for and staying fresh is one of them. Even when you spend days on end without stopping in a motel or hotel, you can still keep yourself clean and refreshed. Read on to find some of the best tips on how to take care of your hygiene in long-distance trips, at festivals or when on camping trips.



Although this may seem basic to you, the truth is that it can truly really make a difference! Make sure you invest in a high quality deodorant and that it is not just a body spray or a perfume spray because they do not protect against bacteria, sweat and nasty smells. You should do some research into the brand of deodorant you’re considering, such as the Rexona clinical reviews, to see how the deodorant really performs. With a good deodorant and with a bit of care, you can keep yourself feeling fresh when you’re unable to shower for long periods of time or in a high stress situation.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Believe it or not, keeping yourself hydrated is of extreme importance and even more so if you are travelling for the summer. Not drinking enough water can make your entire body feel fatigued, it can push it to the brink of a breakdown and it can definitely make you feel bad (headaches and even fainting may appear in certain situations). Do bear in mind that soda, coffee and alcohol will not hydrate you, and that they may even make you dehydrated. Its best to drink good quality water when trying to stay hydrated, you might want to research some filtered water systems to get the most out of your water.


Baby Wipes

If you know you are going on a long-distance trip, baby wipes are something that you should definitely have with you. These miraculous little things can get you refreshed in minutes when you do not have access to a shower and they are definitely easy to carry away even in a backpack. Buy some of those that are antibacterial and make sure to have them in handy so that you can use them whenever you get the chance. I also like using them when I’m somewhere where I can’t wash my hands before I eat.

Change Your Clothes Often

Although you may not be able to take your entire wardrobe with you, do make sure you take enough clean clothes for your trip. I find that it’s really helpful to get changed after a long flight, bus trip or even a day at a festival. It just helps you feel refreshed and comfortable and makes a big difference when you can’t shower but need to be fresh and awake.

All these things may seem quite basic to you, but if you have never experienced going on a trip without them, you cannot actually understand their importance. Imagine going to a festival and not being able to wash yourself for 3 days in a row because the showers are always busy or because they are just not functional and you’ll quickly notice what a big difference these things make!