No modern adventurer is fully equipped without a phone as well packed as his or her luggage.  Handy traveller tech can make exploring the world a little smoother and fuller- if you know what to use.  If you’re always on the go, these apps are for you.


Know exactly how much that souvenir you’re eyeing costs with favorite currency converter XE Currency.   With rates refreshing every minute, XE is on top of things, keeping you up-to-date on how much you’re spending no matter how many times the faces in your wallet switch.  Now all you have to do is figure out how much the unfamiliar change in your pocket is worth…

You know that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something?  Kiss it goodbye with PackingPro.  This handy little app whips up packing lists based on number of women, men and children, length of trip, weather, and destination that you can customize at will.  So that sinking feeling you get when you open your bag and that charger is just not there? Never again.


Having Worldmate is like having a personal assistant in your pocket.  Just forward them your travel reservations and they’ll put together an itinerary for you, complete with maps and directions.  Wondering whether to bring a coat? Worldmate has a five-day global weather forecast.  Looking for a good place for lunch? Worldmate will do a local Yelp search for you, plus convert the prices on the menu and calculate how much you should tip.  Basically, Worldmate has you covered. There are also hotel apps, one of them is One King West, a Toronto hotel that has developed its own app for easier check in.

The free texting services Whatsapp and Viber keep you in touch with home without stifling overseas fees.  Have your friends and family download the app of your choice as well, and you won’t fall off the face of the planet while you’re exploring it.  The apps use your existing phone book to find contacts on the system, so just download, find a wi-fi connection, and go.


Speaking of wi-fi connections, Wi-Fi Finder tells you where the nearest wi-fi hotspot is and how to get there.  You can also download the locations offline, avoiding a fairly obvious catch-22 inherent in searching for wi-fi without wi-fi.  We don’t need to tell you how lifesaving this is for the modern traveller.

Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes words are still helpful. Google Translate’s app translates between more than 80 languages, lets listen to your translations spoken aloud, and saves favorite phrases for when you’re offline, so you can connect and communicate no matter where you are.  If you have some truly strong feelings to get across, try Swearport.  This app boasts it can help you become a global swearing master- and with profanities available in 45 languages, including nuances of pronunciation, meaning, usage and intensity, it just might live up to its own hype.

Away from home with a craving?  Find the best sushi, pizza, cheesecake, or curry with Foodspotting.  With a focus on dishes instead of restaurants, this app guides you to a good meal wherever you find yourself – complete with tantalizing pictures – so you’ll stay fueled for all your adventures.