Honeymoons are the next big step for every couple after they get married. And usually, the chores of a wedding do not really provide the headspace and time to plan that perfect time with your loved one. If you are looking for a place that offers a vivid experience across its multiple states along with the rich history that nothing compares better than India.

1 India – a great destination

Honeymoons are not just about spending time with each other but importantly spending time in that perfect place. India offers exquisite locations that will spellbind the two of you and become a part of your memory. Stretched across from the Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari, you can go to explore the rich mountains of the north, the beautiful coastal lines of the south, the valleys of the east, the beauty of the west, or the cultural heritage of the center.


2 North India

If you want to feel the winter chill in a pleasant mountain range, North India is a region to visit. The beautiful snowclad peaks of Srinagar, the mesmerizing landscape of Mussoorie, the lakes in Leh and Ladakh, the mountain peaks of Dalhousie, the stillness of nature at Kasauli, and the exotic environment at Manali. The entire north region offers an alluring panorama to honeymooners to capture that perfect moment that will stay afresh throughout their life.

3 South India

The southern region of India is a little warmer than north but has its own beauty to explore. There are vast plateaus and hills with tea, coffee, and spices plantations. The heritage temples date back to the mythological times. Places in Kerala are perfect for those lovers who are interested in enjoying backwaters and holidays on a boat. Tamil Nadu offers some stunning beaches that give the perfect opportunity to relax and sip a cocktail while the sun sets.


4 Western Region

Rajasthan and Gujarat are two states in the western region that are meant for those seeking to visit some cultural heritage places such as palaces and live a royal life. There are also numerous hill stations that are serene to live at and begin a new life. A famous spot in this region obviously is Goa. It is one of the most visited international destinations that is filled with rich beaches and a stunning nightlife. Maharashtra has to offer quieter village areas and hosts Mumbai, the home for Bollywood in India.

5 Eastern parts of India

The North-East region of India is unique with the tranquil lands that make newlyweds go gaga. The beauty of the region doesn’t constrain to the scenic beauty of the valleys, monasteries, waterfalls, and ruins. They can also perform watersports, ski, shop, and trek through some breathtaking places.

Since India offers a host of such places it is difficult to pick the right spot and place as per the budget, the number of days, and season. It is better to go with tour planners such as lovinghoneymoons.com that specialize in planning holidays right from the get-go.