Sitting on the beach, or splashing in the pool is all very well and good for maybe a week or so, but do you tend to get a little bored? I do, and that’s why I book several excursions during the course of my holiday.

You might wonder why I’m adding extra expense to my plans, when I’ve already booked for facilities in my hotel, and of course the beach is free; however, it’s worthwhile getting out and about and exploring, plus when you factor in money saving extras, such as parking etc, then you can afford to do a little extra.


I would recommend booking parking and driving yourself to the airport, regardless of whether you’re planning to splash out on holiday or not. I regularly book Stansted parking, and can’t fault it for cost and service. This idea also cuts down on pre-holiday stress, and makes your travel days completely laid-back, instead of panicking about where your bus is. Saving money will mean you can afford to do a few of those excursions, and you can book this service from most large UK airports, including great value facilities for Luton Airport parking, with many low-cost airlines flying from there too. Nobody misses out, which means more and more of us can get out and about during our holidays, spending guilt-free!

It’s always worthwhile shopping around when it comes to excursions and being as canny with your money as you were before you jetted off. Saving money is the name of the game, and if you can haggle a little with street vendors, you might find you get a considerable discount. In the past, as there were a few of us, I’ve managed to secure us a free Turkish bath when we booked two other trips, so it’s certainly worth finding out what you can get.


When it comes to the choice of trips to go on, you’re spoilt for choice, and it will of course depend on which destination in the world you’re visiting. The usual boat trips and jeep safaris are available in most popular resorts, and I’d recommend heading out on both, as a boat trip is a wonderfully relaxing and scenic experience, and a jeep safari lets you explore the countryside and surrounding villages, which you wouldn’t see otherwise.

If there are any important historic ruins of note around your resort, there will no doubt be a sightseeing trip to them, and I’d definitely recommend going, as it’s important to really explore and learn about where you’re visiting, to get the best out of it.

Your rep will try and sell you trips, and whilst this is a good safety net, I always find them to be more expensive than those you can find locally, so do a little shopping around and go with what feels best, and of course, which is more value for money.

Excursions form an important part of my holiday, and with money saving extras helping funds stay firmly in the pocket, make sure you get out and explore too.