There are three things that you must know about Australia:

a) It is the sixth largest country in the world.

b) It is a gallery of nature’s wonders because of its diverse landscape.

c) It is undeniably amazing.

Here are some places that you must see while you’re in Australia:



Uluṟu, also called Ayers Rock, is the biggest sand monolith in the world. It is more than just a giant rock, however. Uluṟu is highly symbolic to the aboriginal culture in Australia and it continues  to be the home of the Anangu people, who are considered to be the original dwellers in the area.

Visiting Uluṟu sure is worthwhile and it is a chance for you to see the many species of plants and animals. The sand monolith itself is home to many rock paintings and some of them are around 5,000 years old. The Anangu continue to make art that are the same, if not similar, to those that are found in the rock caves. If you intend to explore Australia on one of the many special Australian tours make sure you pick one with Uluṟu as a destination as it’s a very special and spiritual part of Australia. 

Kangaroo Island

It is not an island that is full of kangaroos. There are kangaroos in the area but they are not overly plenty as you might imagine. Seals are perhaps more abundant in the island than kangaroos. While you’re in Kangaroo Island, you can visit the Admiral’s Arch, Remarkable Rocks, Kelly Hill and Little Sahara. You can take tours so that you can see the different kinds of animal that naturally live in the island.


The Great Ocean Road

Driving through the Great Ocean Road is a must. It is like driving along the world’s edge. You can see the beautiful coastline on the side of the road that is abundant with uniquely shaped rock forms and breathtaking beaches. Aside from the beautiful view of the ocean, you can also see the lush landscape of the countryside. You can drop by at wineries and restaurants and get a taste of the local food and beverage.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is considered to be the world’s largest sand island. Expect white sand beaches, beautiful coastline, and unique animal species. You can go to the island by ferry and you can tour around the place in a car or in a tour bus.


There is more to Sydney than just being Australia’s largest city. It is vibrant with metropolitan life but it is in a way greener than most cities in the world. There are many things to do in Sydney and this includes visiting the famous Opera House, taking a walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens, or going for a swim at Bondi.