If you want to spend some quality time in a small holiday destination near the beach, Skegness is just the place for you. Skegness is a little seaside town in Lincolnshire, England and it is popular to domestic tourists.

Skegness might be small but this quaint English town surely has its treasures. Discover the hidden gems in Skegness.

Here is a list of the things that you could do in while you’re there:


Spend some time at the beach

What makes Skegness popular to begin with is its panoramic beach front. Aside from the view, the place is made more famous because it is relatively drier than other beach areas in England. You could find a lovely bed and breakfast in picturesque Skegness located near the beach, so you can have a lazy and relaxing holiday.

Food stalls can be found around the area, so, you need not worry when you don’t get to bring a picnic basket. The Skegness beach front is also known to be clean. Cooperate in maintaining this reputation by being mindful of your garbage. Dogs are also not allowed at the beach, so bare that in mind.

Go to Hardy’s Animal Farm

Hardy’s Animal Farm is near the beach and you just have to take a short walk to get there. It is very simple, unlike a typical zoo, and its atmosphere is seemingly natural. It depends on the season but sometimes you get to see sheep being sheared or chicks hatching from their shell. And you could also hold a piglet, which is just awesome.


Visit the Village Church Farm

Have you ever been curious on how your ancestors lived in their time? You could take a glimpse into their lifestyle at Village Church Farm. This small village is basically an open air museum. Volunteers dress up in costumes so that you could really get that ‘throwback’ feel. They also explain how things work before and they show you around the place – inside thatched roof house, orchards, stables, etc.

Check out Skegness Pier

Well, Skegness Pier is not really a pier anymore. Much of its old structure was damaged due to the storms that had hit Skegness. But you could still see and walk around the T-shaped pier today. You could go to the pier to simply stroll round the area and enjoy the view of the seaside. If you’re up for more upbeat pastime activity, you could head to AMF lanes to go bowling or you could have a go on the bumper boats.