If you’re anything like me, one of the biggest pleasures when traveling is sampling all the delicious food. As a family, we used to always go on all-inclusive holidays with First Choice because they offer great value and I think my parents really enjoyed the activities that my brother and I would get distracted by – we were kept entertained and they could relax and enjoy themselves. As a child I had a metabolism that allowed me to gorge on everything, but these days I have to make an effort to keep my body in shape. Whenever I travel I have to be aware of what I eat and drink to ensure I can still fit my clothes at the end of my trip. Here are some tips of mine on how to not over eat while on an all-inclusive holiday, but most of the tips do apply to any holiday where there’s a surplus of delicious foods:
1) Skip Breakfast

If you’re like me, eating out for breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. When I was studying at university I got into the habit of eating breakfast cereals for dinner (no judgement please). I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on health and fitness and there’s a trend called intermittent fasting, which is essentially changing your eating window to be smaller meaning you can have larger portions when you do eat but less meals overall. For example, if you were intermittent fasting you might eat a large lunch, a snack and dinner, but skip  breakfast. If I eat breakfast too early in the day I’m painfully hungry all day so I have found this a good way to keep my waistline in check while still enjoying large meals.2) Use a Smaller Plate

One of the problems with all-inclusive holidays is that often you’ll feel tempted to eat everything in sight. Depending on which company you choose, the quality will vary but in my experience some of the food has really been outstanding and very tempting. Choosing a smaller plate when you’re at a buffet is a great way to trick your mind into not getting as much stuff. Because it’ll take a lot less food to make your plate look full, you’ll simply get less food – perfect.
3) Drink Water

Some all-inclusive packages include drinks, whether it’s juice or alcoholic beverages. These drinks are “empty calories” – meaning they provide very low nutritional value but are often high in calories. If you don’t use those calories when you’re lounging by the pool or relaxing in a massage they’ll likely be converted into fat – which is not what you want. Opting to instead drink water for most of your meals is a great way to lower your consumed calories and ensure that you come home a similar size to when you left home.Do you have any tips for how NOT to over eat when you’re on an all-inclusive holiday or a holiday in general? This is one of the departments I always struggle in, so any tips would be warmly welcomed. Let me know in the comments below!