Do you desperately need a holiday, but you’re unsure how you’ll ever afford one? Believe it or not, you can afford a holiday this year, simply by being smart with your money and making the best choices.

Here are some ways to ensure you can afford a holiday this year:


Make some cut-backs

Many people say they want to travel, but they’re not prepared to make any changes or sacrifices in order to be able to afford it. If you currently can’t afford to take a holiday, you have two options: Earn more, or spend less.

If earning more isn’t possible right now, it’s time to make frugality your friend. The best way to do this is simply to create a budget you can stick to. Write down everything you spend for a week and spend some time considering what you can live without. Is it costing a bomb to run your car? Consider carpooling with colleagues, asking to work from home a few days a week, or turning to public transport.

Is that gym membership languishing while you sit on the couch? Either commit to using it in order to tone up for your holiday, or sell it to a friend and put the money in your savings.

Earn more money

If the idea of cutting back your spending makes you want to claw your eyes out, it’s time to earn more money. Set up a separate bank account, since all of your new money will be heading straight into your holiday savings, and take a good, hard look at your skills. Know how to design a website? Consider doing a bit of freelancing on the side. Know how to write? Sign up for a freelancing website and get typing away during the weekends.

Ask family and friends if they have anything they’re looking to outsource. You’ll be surprised by how many people simply hate getting groceries or doing the gardening, and you can hire yourself out hourly for odd jobs.


Choose a cheap holiday

One of the main reasons people believe they can’t afford a holiday is because they’re looking in the wrong places. The answer? A holiday in Tenerife. This is an incredibly popular holiday destination, but many people are unaware of just how affordable it can be. You can find a variety of cheap Tenerife holidays online, including all-inclusive, family friendly, and 5-star holidays. With such a huge range of accommodation options, you’re sure to find accommodation that will suit both you and your budget.

Travel for longer

Many people like the idea of taking a couple of short trips each year. However once you take flights, accommodation and insurance into account, this can work out much more expensive than simply saving up for a longer holiday. Not only is it better for your wallet, but longer holidays give you more of a chance to relax and head back to the office feeling refreshed.