If you’ve always wanted to holiday like a celebrity you’re not alone. In fact, most of us look at celebrities in magazines (particularly when they’re on vacation) and wish we could have a bit of that relaxation ourselves.

But did you know that it’s much cheaper than you would think to stay in celebrity holiday homes? Schofields has done the research so you don’t need to.

You’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Taylor right? Well did you know that you can spend a week in her Palm Springs home, enjoying photographs and oil paintings of the celebrity and spending time relaxing with your family and friends in the spa, pool, or in front of the fireplace for only £372 per person per week? That works out cheaper than most hotel rooms, especially if you’re traveling in a group.


If you’re holidaying with more people, The Merv Griffin Estate has room for up to 20 people, including 13 bathrooms, a private pond for paddle boating and an impressive infinity pool. You’ll spend a little more here at £1,375 per person per week, but it’s well worth it and perfectly located in La Quinta, California.

You’ve probably admired model Christy Brinkley before, and you may have even wondered about how she lives. Well you can go and try out her home, which is known as The Lucky House and features a massive infinity pool that’s 45-feet long, guest services, plenty of activities, a decking area for sunbathing and a beachside fire pit for marshmallows and ghost stories.

Have you been to the British Virgin Islands? If you have, you’ll know that they’re some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and if you haven’t then you can be introduced to a life of luxury when you choose Richard Branson’s private island which sleeps up to 30 people. There are plenty of activities and tons of space, making it the perfect place for a wedding if you can afford £9,928 per person for the week.


Fancy yourself to be a bit of a celebrity expert? Consider staying at the Orson Wells’ estate. Located in the Hollywood Hills above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, you can spend time enjoying the Jacuzzi and lagoon pool or Instagraming the great view of Hollywood from the house. For those who can’t get enough of celebrities and their lives, you’ll be staying somewhere where David Bowie, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth have all lived. With room for 8 people, you and your family or friends will pay just £455 per person for the week.

Like the idea of a Japanese-style beachfront villa which was once owned by Mick Jagger? You can stay in this amazing property which features six pavilions that are all connected by walkways and have easy access to the tennis court, hot tub and outdoor pool. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to grab a few of my closest friends as soon as we can save £1,244 for each person for the week.

Want to learn more? Check out this infographic which shows you even more celebrity homes you can stay in this year.