If you’re a parent, there may come a time when one of your children may have to travel without you. Yes, I can imagine the sheer thought of it is sending you into a blind panic, but on occasion this does happen, be it a school trip, or a special visit to see a friend etc. If this situation occurs in your life, you will of course want to insure your child against anything that could go wrong.

Now, we don’t like to think about things going wrong, because that’s just human nature, however it’s sensible to do so, and you will easily find plentiful policies online for children’s travel insurance, giving you peace of mind whilst your precious cargo heads off on their travels.


Having your mind put at rest is invaluable, but you will pleased to know that insuring your child during travel is considerably cheaper than a regular adult policy, and provided they have a responsible adult travelling with them, such as a relative or teacher, then they will be covered for medical problems, cancellation, and problems with baggage, covering children up to 18 years of age.

Are you feeling calmer about the situation yet?

Here’s a few hints to helping you stay that way when your child travels without you.

Make sure they charge their phone

We all know that modern-day smart phones use up more battery juice than they ever used to, but if you make sure your son or daughter charges their phone up well before they leave the house, take their charger with them, and even use a mobile battery charger too, then you should always be able to get hold of them when they are in service range.


Make sure they check in regularly

Additionally, make a pact that they will call you once or twice a day, with the odd text message in-between, to put your mind at rest that all is well.

Check out where they’re going to be staying and get a contact number

You will no doubt have done a little research into where they’re going to be staying before you gave permission for the trip to go ahead, but make sure you get an emergency contact number from either the teacher they’re heading away with on the school trip, or the friend/relative they’re going to meet.

Basically keeping your mind at rest when your child travels without you is all about communication, so if you can drill this point home, you will be much calmer for the duration of their time away.