Other than lying around a pool all day, or splashing in the sea, when I’m on holiday I love to get out and about on local excursions. I always find this means you get to see more of the local area in a guided trip kind of situation, without having to go off and explore on your own steam, which admittedly at times can be a difficult and nerve-wracking thing to do. The beauty of an excursion is that there are several of you all in the same boat, so not only will you meet other like-minded people, but you have the comfort of a guide to give you information and help you in the right direction.


What kind of excursions you like to go on will depend entirely on where you’re visiting, but in your regular holiday resort places, such as Greece, Turkey and Spain, you will no doubt be offered a plethora of choices, such as jeep safaris, boat trips, water parks, shopping excursions etc. I always choose a boat trip from that list, as I enjoy floating around the coastline, taking in the scenery and topping up my tan. I also love a jeep safari, as not only is it fun for the kids, with usually a water fight taking place at some point, but you get to see the countryside, which is all too often stunningly beautiful but it’s so difficult to get out and see unless you hire a car, which not all of us can do, or want to do.

If you’re heading off somewhere with historic ruins or places of importance nearby, you’ll no doubt find a trip heading in that direction. I recently did a two day overnight trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale in Turkey and it was such a difference from Marmaris, the place we were staying, and really showed me the history of the area, not to mention the beautiful scenery en route. I’d highly recommend that trip if you’re heading to the south of Turkey.


So where do you get these trips from? I personally wouldn’t book any activities from my rep. You’ll find when you arrive in resort, if you’ve booked a package holiday, you’ll be invited to a welcome meeting, and this is where you’ll be given the hard sell with all the excursions your company offers. Be aware that these trips are often more expensive that the ones you’ll find from street vendors, and are usually exactly the same trips too, with a few exceptions. I would recommend you gather information from your rep on what’s available, decide on where you want to go and then hit the streets and see what’s available locally. You can usually haggle your price down and even get a few bargains free if you book in large groups, or book several trips at a time. It’s certainly worth a try.

Whichever activity you book, be aware that you will needinsurance to cover you. It’s worth mentioning that you need this regardless of whether you book a trip or not! Holiday Extras do some great deals on single trip travel insurance and if you’re a regular traveller why not look at their deals on multi trip travel insurance. Whatever the weather, never travel without insurance, I can’t stress it enough. If something was to go wrong and you had no cover, then you really would be in trouble.


A few excursions will not only break up your holiday into more exciting chunks, but will keep everyone occupied and entertained. Let’s face it, you can only lay prone on a beach for so long before a little boredom begins to set in.