If you got the travel bug in 2014, chances are you’re positively itching to get out there into the wide world, stretching your traveller’s legs and casting yourself out into the great blue yonder! Unfortunately for travel lovers however, the sheer number of possible locations and destinations available to us nowadays begs belief, and choosing the most amazing locales can be rather difficult. Luckily for those very same travel lovers however, we’ve come up with a few great ideas to get your 2015 started with a bang!



As one of Southern Africa’s most stable and up-and-coming nations, Namibia is truly making a name for itself in the field of sustainable tourism. The country’s utterly breath taking Coastal Desert was only recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the dark orange waves of sand exceptionally beautiful against the dark blue skies of the warm nation. Visitors can enjoy safaris within the country’s hundreds of wildlife areas and game reserves, can trek across the wilderness, and enjoy the cultural delights of the capital, Windhoek.


It may be freezing cold, but let’s be honest with ourselves, Boston is best enjoyed in the harsher months, when the city’s indoor delights can be properly appreciated. Take a stroll along the Freedom Trail, a two and a half mile stretch of sixteen revolutionary war sites that show off the story of American Independence. Failing that, you could go and see the famed baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park is a sight to see, though if you’re hoping to get enjoy a little extra excitement whilst you’re watching making sure to download the app from bettingsports.com; without it, you may find yourself at a loss!



Once known for drug wars and all manner of nefarious activities, Guatemala is a rising star in the Central American region. The country’s culinary clout has been growing in recent years, and truly needs to be sampled to be understood, centred around the country’s capital Antigua. With exceedingly beautiful sixteenth century colonial architecture dotting the city, very much akin to that of Cuba yet a world more well-kept, visitors could spend days walking the sleepy side streets and bustling market squares. Also dotted around the country are a number of Mayan ruins, the centrepiece of which is the mysterious and alluring city of Tikal, once a bustling metropolis of the ancient civilisation. The best time to visit Guatemala is in between November and April (the dry season) so now is the prime time to pack your bags!