Travel is continually changing, and 2018 is no different. If you like to keep up with what’s going on in the travel industry, here are the top trends you need to know about:

Women’s travel

2018 is officially a year of travel for women around the world, and travel companies are sitting up and taking notice. Many providers have begun offering women-only tours, due to the rise in female bookings. REI offers small group tours, and approximately 60% are now female. The company now has 19 women-only tours and interest has tripled in these tours since 2017.


Millennial travel

Millennials are out seeing the world, but they demand slightly different offerings than their parents’ generation. This doesn’t mean that they’re only backpackers though. Millennial package holidays are on the rise, with Webjet travel packages appealing to all ages. Millennials also want to cruise, however they’re increasingly demanding cleaner, greener cruises and more time in port at each destination.

Uniworld Cruises is now offering millennial-only river cruises along the Danube, Seine, and Rhine, with a much younger demographic than typical river cruises and only around 120 passengers.

Solo travel

Solo travel has exploded in popularity, with no signs of slowing down. The industry is gradually becoming much more accommodating to those who want to travel alone- and tour companies are springing up with solo travel tours. That means that if you’re hoping to go it alone, you can take a road trip and compare car rental with Webjet, choose a solo tour, or grab a backpack and head off on an adventure. Make sure that you will still take care of your skin while travelling with Epicuren to make sure that all your travel photos will all be insta worthy.


Last chance travel

This one isn’t the greatest, but it’s happening. Climate change is having a massive ecological impact on destinations around the world. Some popular travel destinations are seeing frequent flooding and extreme temperatures, making last-chance travel more popular.

From the dying and bleached Great Barrier reef to melting glaciers and icefields, travellers are increasingly heading to destinations and natural attractions that may not be around for much longer. Unfortunately, this increase in tourism is making things worse for a lot of these destinations, so let’s hope the money from this tourism goes towards the preservation of these incredible places.

Under-crowded travel

We all know that the tourist trail in Western Europe will always be there, but this has hit many destinations with unbearable crowds. Many of the most touristy cities have seen a crackdown on visitors, along with anti-tourist protests and number caps. We’re already seeing more visitors heading to destinations like Cyprus, Slovenia, and Poland.

What are the top travel trends you’ve noticed so far this year? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.