There’s nothing worse than coming home after a great holiday with less than you left with. I have lost a few things during my travels, including my camera, a really special dress, some jewellery, a credit card and a bunch of money. These things were all very frustrating to lose, but thankfully because I had Southern Cross Travel Insurance I was reimbursed for most of these things, except the dress as I didn’t keep a receipt for this, whoops. One of the biggest challenges I faced overseas was keeping my belongings safe, but here are some tips for you.
1) Buy a Lock
If you stay in hostels, many of them will have lockers available for your use, all you’ll need to bring is a locker. This is a great way to keep your items safe and ensures you a lot of peace of mind while you’re out for the day. I suggest buying two locks, so you have a backup one just incase you lose one of them. When I’ve been traveling on night buses or trains, I lock my bag up too so that it can’t be easily opened. If a thief was really committed they could just cut the bag open with a knife, and I’ve heard of this happening, but at least placing a lock on it doesn’t make it too easy.
2) Use a Waterproof Cover When Traveling
Sure, using a waterproof cover when traveling is a great way to keep your items free from moisture from the rain or dirt when you’re traveling somewhere that’s got a lot of sand blowing around. But for me, there’s actually another reason I use my waterproof cover; to keep my items safe from prying eyes. It just adds another element of protection to your bag, making it harder for someone to get access to it. Whenever I put my bag into checked luggage, I locked the bag first, put the waterproof cover all around and locked it in place. It is also a great way to ensure your back isn’t tampered with when you’re walking around or while it’s checked. You can also look at getting a water proof cover for your camera, here’s a good site to start looking for waterproof camera housing.
3) Sleep with your Essentials 
This might sound a little weird, but I tend to do it when there’s no safe, lockers or anywhere secure to put my belongings. I will put my passport, phone, cash and even sometimes my laptop under my pillow and sleep with it. My logic is, it’d be very challenging for someone to get under my pillow to steal my things if i’m asleep on top of it. Furthermore, who would ever expect someone to sleep with their possessions like that? Not me!
4) Double Check When You’re Sleep Deprived
Once I was in the middle of a number of flights on my way to Australia, I’d been awake for more than 24 hours with only brief napping in between. I was so tired, stressed and just ready to be able to check in and get some sleep. While I was waiting for my flight to board, I got up to walk around. I took one of my bags, but left the other one in the airport lounge. I didn’t realise for about 15 mins and when I did, I felt so anxious and stressed I was shaking as I tried to remember where I’d left my bag. Thankfully it was where I left it, with everything still there, but those few minutes while I tried to find it was a nightmare. When you’re tired, your brain is not as switched on as usual and mistakes are bound to happen. Double check you’ve got all your stuff when you move around, leave a plane, bus or train to ensure you don’t make the same mistake.
Traveling is a lot of fun, but it is easy to make mistakes that result in your things being stolen or lost. Take these easy tips on board to ensure you come home with everything you left home with. Don’t forget to get travel insurance, so that if something goes missing you can be reimbursed for it. There’s also all the benefits of the health cover and accident protection that is invaluable. Do you have any tips for keeping your things safe on the road? Share in the comments below!