Australia is the kind of country that makes for perfect road trips. Its superb landscapes, its marvelous cities and the overall feeling of freedom here are just what every road trip traveler out there wants. If you are planning an Australian road trip soon, make sure you follow the next tips because they will definitely help you enjoy everything at its best.

Be Safe

This is the first and foremost rule when going on any kind of traveling. Common sense really goes a very long way when it comes to keeping yourself safe. Things such as driving safely, making sure your car is in proper functioning (and checking it before you leave home), and not staying at dubious hotels – all these things can really help you stay safe. Also, choose a safe car! The Ford Fiesta and Focus are great small, fuel efficient cars that have great safety ratings.


Plan Out

Jumping in a van and going wherever winds will take you can sound very exciting – but the truth is that most of the “perfect holidays” (be them road trips or other types of holidays) don’t work this way. You do need to plan out at least the basics. Simply making a list of the places where you want to stop along the way can really help you.

Pay Attention to What Locals Say

If you haven’t traveled in a particular part of Australia and you don’t know it very well, always listen to what locals have to say about the attractions in the area. You would be surprised, but they very frequently make great suggestions you may not find in travel guides. Who knows where you will eat something delicious or what absolutely marvelous landscape you will find along the way due to the recommendations received from the locals? Be open-minded and listen to them – but at the same time make sure that you know how to filter “legends” from things that may be worth the time.


Pack Everything

Before you leave home, make sure you take all the things you need with you. However, even if you will be traveling by car, try not to burden yourself with unnecessary things. For example, 4 pairs of shoes and 5 dresses are not something you will actually make use of while on a road trip. Yet, you will probably need basic things such as headache pills, shampoo, soap, cooking utensils (if you plan on camping out) and so on. Think thoroughly about all the things you need and make sure to write them down so that you don’t forget anything. Being in the middle of nowhere and remembering you haven’t packed an extra T-shirt for the road or that you haven’t taken your soap with you may not be most people’s idea of a “great trip”.

Last, but not least, have fun. Release yourself from all traces of stress and negative feelings and breathe in. Australia is a magnificent country and every beautiful spot you will find along the way will energize you and make you feel great – open your heart to this country’s beauties and you will be flooded by well being, fun and happiness on this road trip!