When planning a trip, many people constantly ask the same question: Which is the most affordable place to go to? “Affordable” doesn’t only relate to hotel prices, but it also includes airline tickets, exchange rates, and the main attractions in each town or area of interest. Here are five affordable destinations which are definitely worth visiting:

Antalya, Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination among Europeans. However, Antalya’s appeal has recently spread to such an extent that it surpassed New York City, becoming the third most visited city by tourists two years ago. Hotel prices have significantly dropped, making Antalya a place in which even budget-conscious travellers feel welcomed. Tourists can explore Kaleici, the historic city centre with numerous landmarks, such as Hadrian’s Gate, which even the legendary Queen of Sheba has visited. History buffs will also enjoy going to Catalhoyuk Mound, the oldest Neolithic site to date, while theatre lovers can travel nearby to see the ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos and its well-preserved theatre. Finally, since Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera, sunbathing is a must!

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Málaga, Spain

Málaga is the type of destination which maintains is popularity pretty much throughout the entire year, especially during the Málaga Fair in mid-August. However, if you want to avoid all the excitement, then there are other months you can pick and visit places such as the Concepción Botanic Garden, which has been rated as one of the best in Europe, or check out one of the many art exhibitions in either the Carmen Thyssen or Picasso Museum. The Carmen Thyssen Museum has only recently been opened, but it already contains a collection of artwork amassed in over thirty years. Additionally, tourists can also visit Picasso’s house and later head over to the Wine Museum and learn about the city’s famous sweet wines. You can also look into Car Hire Malaga (http://www.economycarhire.com/car-hire-spain/malaga-airport.php) to hire a car you can explore the beautiful surrounding beaches and attactions.

There are also many other places which you can visit for free, such as Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, where entrance is free every Sunday, as well as Málaga’s Centre for Contemporary Art where admission is free every day except on Mondays (only because the museum is closed then). Also, Málaga is conveniently located near other important cities such as Granada, so you can easily schedule a day trip to reduce accommodation costs.

Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States might seem like a very unusual choice, but contrary to popular belief, it is actually an affordable choice for tourists on a budget. Not only will they get to visit important places such as the White House or the Smithsonian Museums, but it is also possible to combine a vacation in the city with one by the beach. Virginia Beach is located nearby, and visitors will enjoy the benefits of combining a history-oriented trip with a period of complete relaxation. There are also many outdoor activities available for people travelling to Washington D.C. on a budget, such as strolling and cycling in Montrose Park (Lovers’ Lane is a recommended area), or even exploring Great Falls Park at a low cost (either by car or bicycle).

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is known for its variety of accommodations, and the capital is no exception. There are numerous backpacking hostels scattered across the city (typically around 20 Euros), and just as many hotels for families who want to make the best of their trip without spending a fortune. Public transportation is also pretty cheap, especially when compared to taxis, so tourists should consider buying the Lisboa Card for free access to all public transportation and a large list of museums. If you plan on visiting some of the main attractions in Lisbon, you will most likely end up travelling by bus or metro. Some of the main sights include the Belem Tower, the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower in Lisbon, and the Ocenarium, one of the world’s largest aquariums (open on Mondays, the day when all the museums are typically closed). Lisbon is another place that is great for Economy Car Hire as the country is relatively narrow and perfect for making day trips.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Art lovers all around the world will have fun visiting the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, which have both recently been recently renovated. Furthermore, the Museum of Modern Art has also doubled its exhibit space last year, making Amsterdam a top destination for travellers who wish to gaze at the works of famous Dutch and international painters. Accommodation costs are also affordable, with many hotels within walking distance from some of the main attractions. Tourists on a budget can purchase the Amsterdam City Card to visit their favourite museums for free, earn discounts in various cafes and restaurants, and use public transportation without spending enormous sums of money. Vondelpark is also must-see, especially for those who also want to plan a small picnic, or simply stroll with the family.

What’s really great about these five different destinations, price aside, is the fact that it’s easy to find something to do for everyone, regardless of their age. By planning ahead and knowing what you want to visit and when, it’s simple to go on a trip without going over budget.