This beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea never fails to captivate visitors with its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and laid-back atmosphere. A holiday in Majorca is certainly worthwhile and it is an experience that you will never forget. It’s easy to find villas in Majorca to rent ensuring you can have a comfortable stay on this stunning island. 

If you’re looking for suggestions of what to do in Majorca, be sure you don’t miss any of these activities..



Never fail to set aside some time for an excursion at the sea that surrounds Majorca. Sailing has got to be one of the best things you could do while you’re staying in the island. And why not? Sailing is definitely fun and you can go slowly enough for you to really savour all the Majorcan wonder.  

Majorca in itself is naturally beautiful and there are so many places to see that are best viewed from the coastline. There is a good selection of boat trips in the island, ranging from small boats to large yachts. Destinations also vary. You could book a trip to visit the different ports around the island or go to coves, islets or beaches – like Sa Calobra, Es Trenc, Cap Formentor or Cabrera.

Climb the Calvary Steps in Pollença

Pollença is this quaint and historical town at the northern part of Majorca. One of the highlights in the town is the stone steps, 365 in all, which leads to a central square and a chapel. The climb is surely worth it because at the top, you can see a good view of the town. Before you start climbing, you can first visit La Casa Museo Dionís Bennàssar, which is basically this small museum that is located at the foot of the steps.

Ride a vintage train

The Ferrocarril de Sóller is a  wooden, old train that travels between Palma and Sóller. A train ride might sound uninteresting but not with Ferrocarril de Sóller. Even if you’re not eager to ride on a train, do it because you would not want to miss the view. You get to see the countryside where there orchards, olive groves and pine forests. You also pass through the Tramuntana mountain range which simply scenic.


Hiking to Alaro Castle

The Alaro Castle is quite old as it was built around the 13th century. What you can see of the castle at present is mostly ruins, though it is still as fascinating as it was before. To go to the castle, you can drive all the way to Alaro, park somewhere in the town, and hike your way up to the castle. There are signs, so you need not worry about getting lost. The view from the castle is superb and gorgeous.

If you want to satisfy the inner foodie in you, you can eat at Es Verger. The place in known for its delicious Majorcan dishes and its specialty is roasted lamb. Actually, many people endure walking or driving to Alaro just to have a bite of the famous roasted lamb.

Visit the architectural landmarks

Majorca is not only rich in natural sceneries. It is quite endowed with historical wonders as well. There are many historical landmarks in the island and you must visit them. Here some places that you could visit: Bellver Castle, Palma Cathedral, and Almadaina Palace.